Honest Game Trailers' Battlefield 1 Clip Is Practically A Glowing Review

It's not often that Honest Game Trailers puts out a mostly positive "review", but it does happen. Case in point — its recent coverage of EA's Battlefield 1, which gets about as close as you can get to an unscathed encounter with the usually cutthroat channel.

As you may have already guessed, there's not much for Honest Game Trailers to work with, in terms of bagging out the game. In fact, most of the video is full of praise, with the single-player campaign in particular getting a thumbs-up:

Prepare your surprised face for Battlefied 1's gut-wrenching campaign mode — a series of short stories told from different perspectives throughout the war, with dark bittersweet plotlines that treat WWI with actual gravity and respect.

The multiplayer also receives an upright digit, though perhaps the spotting system could have had a little more work:

...even though now it's just pointing and shouting at guys like you have finger Tourette's.

And for those worried about the historical accuracy, don't be. Battlefield 1 has something for you, too:

...you still get to brutally murder people in muddy trenches with shovels.

I guess you could draw issue with the physics, which can go wonky from time to time. They get a special bit at the end, if you're wondering, though nothing on the scale of say, an airship.


    Just did the Gallipoli missions as my final campaign mission. Been a very long time since I enjoyed a campaign this much. The multiplayer is just spectacular as well. Cant see a fps coming along anytime soon that will take me away from this.

    My experience: spawn and get killed 1 second later. Repeat until brain explodes.

      Yeah there is major checkpoint issue in every mission. Nobody has said a thing about that tho

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