Sony Australia: Pre-Order Now If You Want PlayStation VR Before Christmas

PlayStation VR is in short supply in Australia. In fact, by most measures it’s absolutely sold out across the country.

Sony Australia has confirmed with us locally that launch units of Sony’s VR headset actually sold out on pre-order. Meaning that if you didn’t pre-order it was practically impossible to pick up a unit on day one.

“PlayStation Australia has been overwhelmed by the enthusiasm and demand Australians have shown for PlayStation VR,” a Sony Interactive Australia spokesperson informed us. “The October 13 launch shipment of PlayStation VR has pre-sold out and we are working closely with our retail partners on additional shipments to ensure customers are not disappointed.”

Some users on Whirlpool’s forum claimed they were able to pick up units in some stores, most likely these were cancelled pre-ordered units.

Sony told us that, if you wanted a PlayStation VR unit before Christmas, you’d be best served pre-ordering immediately.

According to some retailers, that might not be enough. Some store managers informed us their second shipments were already sold out. Others believed that pre-ordering now would secure customers a PlayStation VR unit in time for Christmas.

Is this the result of genuine enthusiasm for VR, or has Sony undersupplied the region? Difficult to tell at this point. Either way, Sony can’t get PlayStation VR here quick enough.


    This is going to be one of the strangest silly seasons in recent memory, really no other system (or game, for that matter) is going to manage to top this thing for coverage.

    I mean, I'm really not getting any more Colour Splash articles now am I :D

    Any word on second or third shipment dates? I'd like to know if I'm waiting til 27th Oct or 9th Nov for my pre-order unit supply to come in. I was told later this month.

    Word was from my local BigW store mistakes were made in delivery and unit numbers weren't sent to match pre-orders (some stores without pre-orders were sent stock, while some with weren't sent enough). Being not a games store I wasn't sure if this was just the lie you tell the customer to ease the frustration or a management issue. The clerk kept hinting at the supplier rather than the store, passing blame onto Sony.

    Alas, Everyone is talking about "sold out" but with all the logistics involved in major stores supply chains you'd think someone would know the next date a playstation stock supply would role in. The next wave of VR game releases is Oct 27th, My assumption is that the delivery containing those disks will be the next wave of PSVR units. I'd love for someone with insider knowledge to give up hard data.

    I haven't been this enthusiastic about a hardware launch since the Nintendo DS, I'm kicking myself that I didn't pre-order day 1 from a store that knows video games. I figured PSVR wouldn't be this popular!?

    Any word on Move Controllers?
    Cant find them anywhere.

      eBay, mine arrived the other day;

        I'd really like to know how well that works, being a self admitted knockoff. I already ordered a couple used legit controllers for about the same price

    My local EB had 30 units. The city store had 50. JB hifi had only 2. I'd say short supply is an understatement

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