Get Neverwinter Nights Diamond Free In GOG’s ‘Monstrous Winter Sale’

Get Neverwinter Nights Diamond Free In GOG’s ‘Monstrous Winter Sale’

December is the month you expect to get beaten to death by sales, bundles and other deals. Drowned in discounts. Swamped in savings. Immersed in unimaginable bargains. Steam is often the place to be for PC games, but it’s always a good to check out its biggest competitor, GOG. And if you hit up GOG right now, you can score yourself a free copy of Neverwinter Nights Diamond.

Keeping with the “monstrous/” theme of its previous sale, GOG’s current “winter” sale features the same XP gathering system that allows you to unlock free games, depending on how much you spend.

Even if you don’t unload a cent, you can grab Neverwinter Nights Diamond for absolutely nothing. The Diamond version comes with pretty much every expansion module released for the game and because it’s GOG, it includes additional goodies — manuals, soundtracks, etc. However, you only have about 10 hours to claim this bonus.

In terms of unlockables, here they are:

  • Shadow Warrior Classic Redux
  • Shadowrun: Dragonfall – Director’s Cut

Finally, GOG has highlighted some of the sales better deals:

60% off Dungeons & Dragons classics like Planescape: Torment, Neverwinter Nights 2 and Icewind Dale 2

Star Wars Bundle -66% (Jedi Outcast, Knights of the Old Republic, X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter, and more)

Civilization Bundle -50% (Civilization III, Civilization IV, CivCity: Rome) – this one lasts until December 5th

Shadow Warrior 2 -25%, Grim Dawn -40%, Darkest Dungeon -40%, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt -50%, and more!

The sales runs until December 11.



  • Great game and worth the big of effort it takes to get the multiplayer going. Just be sure to request a unique CDKey from GoG otherwise the generic one you get will not work online. NWN Wiki has a good guide for getting the game going online.

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