The Best Mods Of 2016, As Voted By Fans

The Best Mods Of 2016, As Voted By Fans

Maybe not you specifically, but regular gamers nonetheless.

As they do every year, the mammoth mod repository ModDB has a public vote for the top 100 mods of the year. Anyone can vote, and the eligibility is pretty lax. But it’s always a good opportunity to discover something new, or check back in with fan projects – which often take a good deal longer to come to bear, being made in their creators’ spare time.

I already outlined some of my picks for this year, and you can see the full top 100 here. But enough of me: as voted by users, here’s the top 3 mods of 2016:

Hearts of Iron 4: The Great War (Hearts of Iron 4)

A bit of an expected result, this. The Great War was an exceptional mod perhaps only let down by the fact that Hearts of Iron was always going to play to a smaller fanbase one way or another, be it the niche nature of Hearts of Iron or the fact that the WW1 setting isn’t as popular as, say, a Star Wars mod or something from Fallout.

That doesn’t stop it from being an incredible creation, though, and it’s nice to see people reward the makers in kind.

And the runner-up for the best mod of 2016 was:

Enderal (Skyrim)

Given that Enderal basically remakes Skyrim with a world that Nathan described as /”remarkably professional”, it’s not surprising to see it win some honours here. If anything, the real surprise is that Enderal didn’t place first given that it took out the equivalent award at The Game Awards, albeit under strange circumstances.

It’s worth noting that Enderal is getting a 20-hour expansion next year too. That’ll probably see it get a mention in next year’s awards, but regardless of how it does there any Skyrim fan owes it to themselves to give Enderal a look.

Last but certainly not least, the best mod of the 2016 (according to users) is:

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Chernobyl (S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat)

A classy production that turns Call of Pripyat into a sandbox game with 32 explorable maps in one seamless world. A world that also includes the three original S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games. New quests. Missions. Customisable weather environments. A choice of starting factions, a reputation, ranking and companion systems, an AI overhaul, engine tweaks, script enhancements, and many, more options.

And also, as voted by fans, the best mod of 2016.

You can check out the rest of the top 10 over at ModDB, as well as the winners of the poll for best upcoming mod of 2017 and the best indie of 2016.


  • Call of Chernobyl really does deserve the honor of being the best mod of 2016. It was made in such a way that you play it by itself or use it inconjuction with other mods like Misery

      • yeah im not a real fan of misery and mods and games like that (hey time to eat 50x your body weight every 2 minutes or else you die) due to the type of players they attract, try hard keyboard warriors

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