Warm Up With This Beachy Overwatch Parody Film

Warm Up With This Beachy Overwatch Parody Film

Welcome to Baewatch. There’s a lot of layers to that pun, and I love it.

Video producers Deerstalker Pictures are at it again with a brand-spanking-new Overwatch fan film — this time with a beachy theme. And yes, they are aware that it’s a strange video to be releasing in the middle of winter: “We started shooting this video back in Australian summer but got rained out so many times that we only ended up finishing it recently,” they explained. “Now here it is in time for everyone else’s summer!”

“Y’know how in every anime there’s an episode where they head to the beach for dumb shenanigans and gratuitous fanservice? This is the Overwatch version of that.”

The film stars a whole bunch of cosplayers, as well as some creative uses of the characters’ in-game lines. It stars VINA as D.Va, Vera Chimera as Pharah, Rose Cosplay as Mercy, ANYA as Mei, Knitemaya as Tracer, Night Haunter as Soldier 76, Kydrasaur as Ana, That Guy From That Game as Hanzo and Ace Crownguard as McCree.

The video also comes with some shameless fanservice. Enjoy!

Image: Deerstalker Pictures
Image: Deerstalker Pictures


  • Obviously I wouldn’t normally watch something like this but due to me being such a huge fan of Overwatch (Well deserved game of the year) I cant help but be intrigued at the opportunity of seeing a fans take on the incredible lore and characters.

  • Always nice to have a video to set on mute and enjoy the nice looking women. I’d buy that for a dollar.

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