Everything You Missed From E3 2017 (So Far)

Image: EA

With so much coming out over the next few days from the Electronic Entertainment Expo, perhaps the biggest annual event in gaming, it can be hard to keep up with the flow of information. But you don't have to lose yourself in the visual and aural smorgasbord — if you just want the highlights, look no further.

EA's Pre-Show Conference

EA couldn't contain itself and decided to hold its official conference a day before the expo proper. Along with the regular announcements of the company's big sports franchises — Madden 18, FIFA 18 and NBA Live 18, it also had some more exciting reveals.

A dedicated couch-coop game called A Way Out made an appearance, an interesting title from director Josef Fares that follows a pair of prison inmates. While EA has dipped its toes in focused coop games before with Army of Two, those game had online support. A Way Out will only be playable in split-screen.

Mass Effect developer BioWare also debuted a new property, called Anthem. We'd love to tell you more than the name, but other than a teaser, that's all we got from EA.

However, the thing everyone turned up for was multiplayer gameplay from Star Wars Battlefront 2. Due to overwhelming demand, it'll feature a singleplayer campaign and cover all eras of the franchise. Split-screen coop is also in.

We'll continue to update this post over the course of the expo, so be sure to check back!


    After the gun play in the first SWBF game, I've no interest in even a free copy of the game.

    A Way Out looks like brilliant fun, I'm really glad there is still companies that care about cooperative games.

    Yo man. It says that the way out is splitscreen online #fixthatyo

    Don't want to sound overly patronising to consumers, but please wait off on pre-ordering any games, especially those from EA published titles. Least they start another rant thread about how un-optimised or how incredibly misled the new games are, despite being shown "trailer" footage and mistaking it for game play footage. But then again most of humankind have shown to repeat the same mistakes time and time again, as if they didn't know the definition of ....

    It's been a whole lot of nothing so far, hopefully things pick up over the rest of the expo.

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