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Image: Bungie/Destiny 2

If you'd like to see what the Destiny 2 beta has in store, but if you didn't pre-order the game, no worry. We're playing the game live, and you can follow along and ask all the questions you'd like.

The stream is finished now, but you can rewatch the video below. It covers a few games of Crucible (both modes) as well as a full strike, complete with me getting smashed by a earth cutter a few times in a row.

Interesting things that stuck out:

  • The Titan seems a lot slower than Destiny 1. Noticeably, actually, although that could be a case of just being used to high level gear for a long period.
  • Control is locked to the Quickplay mode, while Countdown is in the competitive, listed as a "high intensity" mode.
  • The final Strike boss has three main phases, which aren't too bad. Should be fun to redo a few times with friends at a minimum, and dodging the earth cutter beforehand is a neat little puzzle the first time around.
  • Hand cannons seem like they have less recoil, although that could just be the one I had equipped.
  • The radar is much harder to see this time around. It's less opaque which means you don't notice the red prompt as quickly as you otherwise would. Something to watch out for when you're playing Crucible over the next few nights.

Worth noting that Destiny 2 will go into an open beta over the weekend for consoles. PC players - you'll have to wait until next month. Sorry.

So that's it. Other than the fact that I'd totally forgotten what Crucible is like when you don't have a gun you're comfortable with - Battlegrounds is not good for your Destiny aim - what do you think of the beta so far?


    The most hilarious thing about this "closed" beta reward for pre-orders only is the fact that in just 3 days time it switches to open beta for everyone to access.

    Free* Open Beta Begins 7/21, 10 AM PST

    Last edited 19/07/17 2:48 pm

      I'm heading to Splendour in the Grass on Friday for the duration of the beta, so for me, this pre-order reward is literally perfect.

    Enjoying it so far but a bit worried about the lack of customisation and personalisation. Especially effects on armour and the like. Oh yay I can choose from recovery or resilience or (the other one) and thats its, no throw grenades further or the like.

    I think they have taken the 'whaaaa we need the Crucible to be balance' babies too literally. Lets hope in the real game we arent all just carbon copies, where are armour is just window dressing.

    SLOWER Titan?

    Thats it, I'm out! BUNGIEEEEEEEEEEEE!

    Seems like more of the same destiny albeit slightly more simplified but this is only a very small taste of the full version. A couple of things I noticed was the change to the double jump sounds was a bit of a relief from D1.

    I'd always have an issue with re-triggering sprint in D1, sometimes having to press the button multiple times to get it to trigger. Almost like the was a random cooldown in place. This appears to be fixed and is much more responsive in D2.

      You are actually right about the 'cooldown' on sprint in D1, and a little while ago i saw one of the devs on D2 specifically saying about how they got rid of that so you could sprint when you want, very happy about that myself.

        I thought as much. The amount of times I got fragged in d1 because of this was hulk inducing!

          I know, it was so annoying. Played some of the beta this weekend and am absolutely loving that change.

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