What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Image: Pyre

The makers of Transistor and Bastion have a new game out, and I'm very excited to play it.

I'm talking about Pyre, the three-on-three RPG/sports game that has been getting pretty solid reviews up and down the board this week. I'm a big fan of how Supergiant designs their games, from the look to how they flow, and having a penchant for sports I'm keen to see how Pyre holds up.

The other major item on my gaming calendar for the weekend is Splatoon 2. I'm looking forward to trying out the game in split Joycon mode, as most of my experience with the game has been in handheld. I try not to play in docked mode most of the time, because it's a little impractical and I'm also still concerned about scratching the screen. But I'm probably worrying about that more than I should.

What are you playing this weekend?


    Overcooked with the kids.
    Borderlands The Pre Sequel (just finishing off normal mode and then on to TVHM).
    About 120 hours into Yokai Watch and just doing some post-game content.

    Other than that, maybe Horizon ZD's ultra difficulty playthrough I started a few weeks back.

    Finished Dishonored main story couple of weeks ago. Now working through the DLC, The Knife of Dunwall.

      Enjoy! It took me several attempts to get into Dishonored, but when I did I was hooked! Everyone raved about the Brigmore Witches being fantastic dlc for it - it was good but I actually preferred 'the knife''.

      If you're considering getting the second game, reviews for it are a bit mixed. My own opinion on it is that the gameplay is stronger (and NG+ mode is brilliant) but the story a bit weaker.

        Thanks for the info!

        It took me ages to get into dishonored and it probably didnt help that I was going the low chaos way till finally killing everyone in the last mission.

        While I am enjoying playing the DLC, I'm still trying to figure out why we're doing Daud's story. Maybe something major happens in the final mission of this DLC. Anyway, I'll find out.

        Dishonored 2's NG+ sounds awesome but I rarely have time to play a game more than once so we shall see.

    Really interested/keen to play Pyre, but isn't it weird nowadays how we're becoming so happy to wait/fussy about the platform we want to play it on? From the little I've read (as advised to avoid spoilers) it scream 'Switch' to me so going to hold out a while and see if it makes it across there - not sure whether it will or not, but hey, if both Bastion & Transistor ended up on iOS there's a chance right? :)

    I'll be continuing Dark Souls 3! Just got to the Road of Sacrifices so not terribly far into it but loving the level design/layout already far more than I did with 2! I've rocked a claymore wielding Sorcerer on my first playthrough of all the souls games and am doing the same this time, but can't help feeling with the increased speed that a dex build must surely be king here? Already looking forward to starting a new playthrough and trying it - it's that desire to experiment that I was missing in DS2 where I just felt I was slogging through the entire time!

    Otherwise I'm still bashing through and loving my long term Master League save on PES - they've started advertising the new version now and it's this sort of thing that makes me wish they'd let you transfer games between versions of sports titles.

    Have a good weekend all!

    I slapped a glass protector on my switch on day one and haven't given it a single thought since.

    I've been spending too much time in salmon run, instead of working towards my .96 gal. Last night i faced a couple of new bosses, which was quite surprising!

    It's an excellent game mode.

    Tax 2017. With the work load lightening a bit, I might as well get that out of the way before I get into trouble.

    Back into Elite: Dangerous and loving it!

    I picked up a Switch during the week when eBay had a 20% off sale, so I'll finally get to play Zelda (On;y played for about an hour so far and I kinda love it).

      EBay had a 20% off sale? Why did I not know about this? :-(

      I am jealous that you are getting to experience it for the first time. Enjoy. It's truly wonderful.

      I am jealous that you are getting to experience it for the first time. Enjoy. It's truly wonderful.

    Thinking of picking up Crash bandicoot this afternoon and bashing through it this weekend

    Got Pyre last night, played a couple of hours, will definitely be playing some more.

    Got Fortnite earlier in the week, will give it another bash, I like the tone but not sure I like the gameplay.

    The usual Blizzard trilogy: Working on my D3 seasonal Necromancer, trying to upgrade gear and push my GR capability to 70. Trying to push my SR back up into Platinum in Overwatch. Regular WoW ToS raid.

    My Saturn V Lego set arrived yesterday so probably building that if I can find time :-)

    Well I will be playing "Take the wife fishing and try to catch a jewfish" on Saturday morning, then maybe some Rimworld, and civ vi in the afternoon. Sunday may do pretty much the same thing!

      Not sure if I missed the punchline... But it's a Dhufish.

        Haha, no punchline, I am talking about a Mulloway, here on the east coast! Not like the Dhuies you get offshore on the west coast.

          Ahhhh. Gotcha. You know a damn sight more about fish locales than me haha.

          On that note: How'd you go? Snag a big one?

    I've just hit 70 on my seasonal Diablo III character so I'll be trying to finish up the challenges. I may play some FFXII: Zodiac Age too and Ray Gigant.

    Discovered there's new Nioh DLC, so I'll no doubt be raging at that for at least half of the weekend. Beat the first main boss and the first optional boss (screw Date Masamune and his freaking infinite combos, btw), and enjoying *twitch* it so far. Also some Superhot VR, because holy crap is that fun. Might even pop into Destiny... I hear the nightfall this week is pretty fun...

    Started Shadow of Mordor when I picked up the GOTY edition for cheap last week. So running through that again (and on a new platform, so yay!).

    Onto the final palace in Persona 5. Kinda stopped because I don't want it to end...

    Also have the new Torment to try, and Doom... still haven't installed either one lol

    Been playing Horizon: Zero Dawn.
    It's not the greatest game I've played but I really do love it.

    What other games play like H:ZD?
    People are saying Zelda: BOTW is similar. Is Witcher 3 and Skyrim the same?

      Zelda has the open world exploration aspects but other than that I'm not sure why they're compared so often. I'd say Witcher 3 is closer in style, although they are suitably different too.

      Guess it comes down to what aspects of the game you prefer?

      If it's the exploration then probably go Zelda or Skyrim
      If it's the story/quality quests then go Witcher 3
      If it's the fighting/combat then i'd say that Horizon beats all, but I'd go Witcher 3 next (Horizon quite ranged focused, Witcher more melee). Zelda is ok combat (but i personally cannot stand the weapon degradation) and Skyrim is passable but is showing it's age.

      To sum up, none of them are bad games, lord knows how many hours i've lost to them - if i were to pick one from those 3 though i'd go Witcher 3 (although the controls can take an eternity to get used to - although a recent patch has apparently added a better control scheme i've yet to try)

        I've just finished The Witcher 3 main game and are part way through the DLC and while I'd classify the story telling/missions in this game the best of all time, the combat system is adequate at best.

        Well gameplay and story comes first so probably Witcher 3. Problem is I haven't played 1 or 2 yet :-P
        Once Skyrim comes out on Switch I'll get the console as well as Zelda.
        If only Witcher will come out on the Switch then I can play all these 3 games on public transport!

    Playing through Titanfall 2 on the Pro. Very fun i must say. Reminds me of a love child between the original Halo : combat evolved and Vanquish.


    All the Spla2n.

    Hope to get my ranks up a bit and get some more time with Salmon Run.

    Oh actually it seems Doomfist was released today. So I'll be giving him a go too

    Played a bit of Pyre last night. Loved it. Busy weekend work wise but I will try and get a bit more of it in at some point.

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