Australia Won’t Get First Person Servers In Battlegrounds (Yet)

Australia Won’t Get First Person Servers In Battlegrounds (Yet)
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One of the most exciting changes in Battlegrounds since release has been the addition of first person only servers. Not having the third person camera means people tend to camp a lot less, due to the decreased vision, and it makes for a faster game overall.

But right now, first person servers are restricted to Asia and North America. And despite consistent lobbying from players, PUBG‘s lead community manager has confirmed that’s the way things will stay.

In a post on the official PUBG Discord, which was reposted to the game’s subreddit, lead community manager Sammie Kang said that the Oceania region (which includes Australia and New Zealand) was too small to withstand a splitting of the playerbase.

“I’ve said it on Twitter but the truth is, current player base in OCE is too small for us to add another game mode,” Kang explained.

“We actively monitor data from different servers and game modes on a regular basis. Even if we consider players who are playing on other servers, the number is so small that it could mean (1) increased matchmaking time or (2) a small number of players in every session which can both result in negative player experience.”

She added that Bluehole was “currently looking into a solution” and was midway through that process, but as it stands first person only servers won’t be coming to Oceania until they work out a solution.

Personally, I wouldn’t mind waiting an extra 30 seconds or a minute to get a higher quality game. It’s not like queues for PUBG are particularly long as-is, whether it’s in solo, duo or squad play.

But any impact on matchmaking times are a lot greater in PUBG than they are other games, simply because of the numbers of people affected. So I don’t blame Bluehole for being cautious. Hopefully they work out something soon, but for now, it’s third person or off to North America/Asia.


    • The games would have less people in them if they split the community with FPP? Given the embarrassingly laggy state of the game having less people in each game would be a blessing. They should of made their first map half the size with half the players imo until they fix their coded mess.

      The third person mode is purely for weekend warrior’s to hide behind walls and wait for other players to wander by for free kills at no risk or skill’s needed by themselves. Take of the training wheels bluehole so I never have to play your third person garbage ever again please!

  • We run FPP-dedicated Custom games every Sunday in the OCE region… Probably the best way to get our first-person fix with OCE latency until the OCE region has it unlocked. 🙁

  • But is it too small because all of the Oce players are currently on As instead? I haven’t played on Oce since FPP rolled out.

  • I remember Blizzard saying the same thing to the World of Warcraft player base for YEARS before giving us OCE servers… sometime after 8+ years of complaining.

    Only 7 more years of complaining to go PUBG players!

  • Just add an actual server browser, players will see higher populated lobby areas waiting to start a FPP, and join it.

  • Please give us our OC FPP. The only reason most of my mates and I even play OC 3PP is because we get tired of the small lag on AS FPP servers!

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