Someone’s Making A Spiritual Successor To Theme Hospital

Someone’s Making A Spiritual Successor To Theme Hospital

On the back of the recent revival of management sim games, a new studio out of Prague has decided to tackle healthcare with an upcoming game called Project Hospital.

As the name suggests, the game revolves around building and maintaining a hospital. Players will focus on identifying diseases, researching cures, and treating as many patients as possible. They can also play the finance angle and throw ethics and sound medical practice to the wind. Studio Oxymoron Games recently put out a trailer (thanks Eurogamer),

If you’re old enough you might notice a passing resemblance to Theme Hospital. Like that late ’90s PC game, Project Hospital is isometric and menu-driven. You’ll more or less manage an array of inputs and outputs in the individual parts of your hospital and the cute little sprites you decide to stick in them. This could mean anything from to deciding what medical equipment to purchase (and how much to charge patients for its use) to which insurance companies you decide to do business with.

If you weren’t already feeling cynical about the modern healthcare system, Project Hospital could be just the thing you’re looking for. It’s due out some time next year.


  • Did anyone ever finish Theme Hospital? Mine used to always freeze in later levels. I’d get a sort of screen tear and a duplication of doctors/nurses/handymen when the hospital was big and a ton of stuff was going on all at once. Could never get around it.
    I remember it happening back in the day in the original game and also happened when I replayed the GOG version a couple of years back.

    • I did on ps1, I’ve played pc version abit too but don’t think i’ve ever finished it on there.

      Theme hospital is a very under rated game in my opinion, it still holds up very well today.

    • I have finished it without any of those issues, it sounds like pretty bad luck to have it happen on both versions you tried. I didn’t play any of the levels for a huge amount of time though, I completed most hospitals without buying all the extra land and I never had a massive amount of staff etc. I pretty much just bought what I needed to complete each mission then moved on.

      I had completed the disc version I bought when it came out and also the GoG version on Windows 10 last year.

      • That’s probably the problem – I’d tend to buy all the land, build more rooms than necessary and extra staff so you’d never have any big lines.

  • Can’t wait to watch a vomiting epidemic take hold while I shoot rats and fire nurses demanding a pay rise!

    (And in the game too, I guess?)

  • If it doesn’t involve Bloaty Heads and slack tongue, I don’t want to know about it 😛

  • This is cool, but I dunno if I’d ever play it instead of just playing Theme Hospital. GoG version works great, and the game is still amazing even after all these years. There are a couple of iffy design decision that could maybe be improved upon and the interface could be modernised just a little, but the game is basically perfect.

    …I’d actually be down for a remake with higher resolution graphics, better menus, and maybe not that thing where if your deflater breaks in an earthquake it takes up space uselessly forevermore with no way to reclaim it. I wouldn’t change anything else.

  • There’s already a spiritual successor to Theme Hospital, 2007’s Hospital Tycoon – and it ticks all the boxes.

    • Are there doctors who are deaf as a post and smell faintly of cabbage, because if not, can you truly say it ticks all the boxes?

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