What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?
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The weekend is upon us and that means we have free time to go play games. As usual, I have board games on the mind and will be giving Great Western Trail a go.

Great Western Trail is a game about cowfolk moving their herds from Texas to Kansas City. I haven’t had a chance to really look much further into it but I intend to buy a big hat and join my friends in a game over the weekend.

There’s a pretty good chance I’ll keep plugging away at NieR: Automata as well. It’s a rad game. Giant swords are fun to swing around.

What are you playing this weekend?


  • I’m heading to a friends and there will be 5 of us playing. I don’t know how many games they have but because it’s an afternoon and not late night thing, the games are mostly gateway and simple ones, and all work with 5 players.

    12 Days. Well – Christmas is almost upon us.
    Running With The Bulls. I’ve never played it with that many players, which should make it exciting. Under-rated.
    King of New York. Maybe a little to much downtime, but still better with more players.
    Hanabi. Great game with large groups.
    Thieves Market. Under rated. Could be better, but works well with large groups. Not a lot of downtime.
    Lords of Waterdeep. One of the best worker placement games out there. One of the first real games I was taught.
    Ticket to Ride. It’s just so wonderfully balanced. I really love this game.
    Dungeon Busters. Don’t get to play this often, but it’s a interesting short game that works well with higher player counts.

  • Monster Hunter World Beta, Monster Hunter World Beta and maybe a little bit of Monster Hunter World Beta.

  • Great Western Trail! They had a whole lot of press about “Inspired by Glory to Rome”. I’d be interested to know if it’s any good.

    My Dominion friends are coming over tonight, so we’re Dominioning. I also plan on pulling out my new shiny Photosynthesis with the kids on the weekend.

  • Lego Dimensions. Now that I can access all worlds and have all the abilities it’ll be a slow slog to get all the gold bricks. Plus I’ve set up a table so I don’t have to keep packing away and unpacking all the mini-figs.

    Might play a bit of Wolfenstein 2 or Destiny 2 as well.

  • I picked up a bunch of stuff yesterday that I’ll be getting into.Fallout tbg,Scythe:the wind gambit (Airships!),and a couple of dlc’s for Mage Knight.I’ve nearly finished my reading and test games and am raring to go.

  • Waiting on my copy of Pandemic Legacy. If it comes that, otherwise I’ll keep playing through Mafia 3 while i wait for all the stuff I’m not allowed to but because Xmas.

  • I finally copped a couple of rare blades in xenoblade 2 and they’re nuts! Rhis game is going to consume me like zelda did.

    Se y’all in a month!

  • Finished The Sexy Brutale the other day (very good!) so am hoping to keep going with Mass Effect Andromeda. I’m also giving Unit 13 a go on Vita, along with some Project Diva f 2nd and Stein’s Gate 0.

  • I’m finally going to have time to have a proper look over my kickstarter copy of Gloomhaven that arrived last Friday. I’ve only managed to get the lid off the box so far. With a bit of luck I’ll get to open the instructions this time, before I get dragged away again.

  • I’m on the committee of the Western Australian Boardgame Association, and Saturday was our big end of year celebration with 12 hours of boardgaming. Phew! What with setting up, photographing, teaching and logistics, meet and greeting I didn’t get much gaming done myself, but what I did play was fun.

    We set up a game of Crazy Catan which I got to play in. Imagine setting up your initial settlements, playing a few turns, but then leaving your setup, including your cards, to sit down at another table. The same numbers are rolled for the entire room! It was hilarious!

    I got to play The Climbers, which I won and taught Dixit and Cacao to some newcomers. Ran a Wings of Glory competition too. Tired but happy. The whole list of what was played at the event can be found here for those that are interested. https://www.boardgamegeek.com/geeklist/234070/games-played-waba-mount-claremont-9th-december-201

    Today, I think I will cheerfully continue failing to succeed in the challenges of the Through The Ages app.

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