What Are You Playing This Long Weekend?

Image: Sea of Thieves/Rare/Artur Zima

The long weekend is almost upon is, which is as good a time as any to dive head-deep into those big games you've been putting off for so long.

I'll be spending a bit of time with the Sea of Thieves beta, which kicked off late last night and runs until January 29. It'll be fun to see how the game holds up, and whether joining Xbox players with the PC community has a substantial impact. (It's still a closed beta, so player numbers shouldn't be too problematic, but we'll see.)

Other than that, it's shaping up to be a quiet long weekend. But what about yourselves? What are you playing over the Australia Day break?


    Tomorrow I'm going to a barbecue and likely spending some quality time with my guide dog.

    Spend the rest of the weekend recovering with my renewed love of Overwatch.

      Oh man, I love guide dogs! Even the plastic one at the checkouts at our local supermarket. Always make sure to drop some coins in. The kids give it a cuddle too :-)

    I would love to pick up monster hunter world, but I first want to sell my std PS4 & get a Pro to enjoy it on. So I guess I will be playing some Escape from Tarkov, and trying out some games from the paradox humble bundle I impulsively bought yesterday... Hearts of Iron looks cool

      I really not one for '4K this' and 'HDR that. My favourite console is the Switch for God's sake.

      Having seen Monster Hunter World on a Pro with a good TV... man it just look so good. Like - wow. I think you're making a good decision in waiting.

        I do have a 4K tv, which is why I am keen to upgrade! Mind you I have never though my std PlayStation picture looked ugly by any means, But I have had it for a couple of years now, and I want the larger hard drive too.

          Certainly doesn't look bad in 1080p - granted. But as someone who doesn't care much about the graphical fidelity, even I was taken aback at the 4K difference..

    Monster hunter world. First time in the franchise, enjoyed the beta... looking forward to it.

    Maybe some Xenoblade Chrconicles 2
    Mayyyybe some Monster Hunter if I decide to grab a copy for PS4

    Xenoblade Chronicles 2

      Me too! Really into it at the moment!!! Besides the fetch quests at least!

        only just got it yesterday for my birthday! Just started but plan on a LOOOONG session this weekend

    Monster hunter long weekend! Two copies to pick up tomorrow, including the MH-themed PS4 Pro console.

    Personally I am hoping to pick up a shift at work for Australia Day, fuck yeah $60/hr other than that, i've been getting back into Mafia III on PS4 recently, it's a surprisingly good game as it progresses & I finally figured out how to structure it so I am getting a lot of cash & good perks from the underbosses.

      Yeah, I got distracted by a deluge of high-quality gaming around the time Mafia 3 came out, so I didn't give it the attention it deserved. Might try to get back into that in one of the lulls this year.

        Seriously underrated game, with average graphics & game mechanics in places. But I've just been playing an hour here & there when I can, since I can't sit for intense gaming sessions any more.


    I'M SO EXCITED, Phone off, doors locked, blinds closed, wife going on a roadtrip and I've got around 6 liters of Mother ^_^

    DragonBall Fighterz comes out on Saturday. Pretty excited about that

    Working most of it, but when I'm not I'll be chasing the rest of the power moons in Super Mario Odyssey. Also, Doom and Skyrim arrived yesterday (might start on Doom).

    Might pick up Shu, Earth Wars and Super One More Jump as we'll.

    Some game that starts with Monster and ends with World. Yeah, that's right, I'm playing Wonder Boy in Monster World. The role of Wonder Boy will be played by someone with a giant weapon and they will hunt those monsters down and then wear their corpses as armour.

    Cousin and his wife are coming over Sunday. Planning some 7 wonders, Pandemic Legacy and overcooked. At least when the baby allows it.

    Breath of the Wild, Enter the Gungeon, Mario Kart 8D, and Darkest Dungeon.

    Monster Hunter, and maybe some more Subnautica.

    I'm playing "Unpaid overtime on a public holiday", which is probably the least australian way to spend Australia Day.....

    Being self-employed and my main client being in the US pretty much means Australia Day is still a work day.

    But I don't need a holiday to be proud. Just work my arse of and make sure I have a big BBQ dinner to round it off, :-).

    Mass Effect Andromeda. 50 hours in and the flirting has begun!

    Bravely Second.

    Also watching Degrassi: School's Out! with the kids.

    Still playing Assassin's Creed Origins. Hoping to finish the main game and get started on the DLC.

    My Time at Portia hit Steam early access just recently, thought I might give that a try. It seems to have pretty positive reviews from Kickstarter backers.

    I'm playing my job, but haven't really got any games on my radar at the moment.

    I bought Civ 6 for the humble monthly thing and loaded it up yesterday to "just have a quick game" and 15 hours later...

    So I guess I will be playing that.

    I am vacillating hard (sounds worse than it is) re: a Monster Hunter World purchase. Not played any of the earlier games asides from a demo of one one time. By all reports this is a good entry point for noobs. Thoughts?

    If I don't end up caving on that then I will be playing a few random things - Game of Thrones Telltale Ep5, Wolfenstein 2, Breath of the Wild (had a six month break, want to finally finish it), Gorogoa, and maybe some Battlefront 2 multi (just finished the campaign, which I quite enjoyed).

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