What Are You Playing This Weekend?

For many of you it's still holidays, so you probably don't even realise it's the weekend. Whatevs, let's do this anyway.

What are you all playing right now?

I reckon I'm going to take some time this weekend to play Gorogoa, the puzzle game everyone seems so excited about. I loved The Witness, loved Framed, so I reckon this is gonna be my thing. Big time.


    Still working my way through ELEX and STRAFE. Got to the Boss level in STRAFE for the first time this morning. Tough battle! Of course, I died, so now I have to go through the while game again to get back to it! :0
    Still, it's pretty fun, and I got a lot of coins for making it all the way to the boss level, so I can unlock some more stuff for my next run through :)

    Picked up Vanquish on Steam yesterday so I'll be playing that.

    Given the flaw in Intel chips, I'm most likely playing "Patching Mama".

    I definitely realise the weekend is coming up, the first week back is always the hardest. I picked up a whole bunch of 2017 titles I missed last last month, including: Tacoma, Edith Finch, Night in the Woods and Perception. Instead of playing any of those, I'm playing through Final Fantasy VIII.

    I am looking forward to my eyes bleeding from playing Redout. On sale this week and can't wait to have tears streaming down my face from lack of blinking. It has been way too long since I had a Wipeout!!!!! No PS for me, so no Wipeout....yet!!!

    Imma play me some Binding of Isaac! I'm in the mood to shoot poop and phallic things.

    I think I'll play some Metroid II and finish up Mega Man 8 and 9.

    South Park: The Fractured But Whole. A wholly impressive sequel. The combat is streamlined. There’s more incentives attached to collectables. The writing is still amazing. Such a good time.

    Tried to find something cheap and interesting during the PSN sale, but it’s mostly overpriced and uninspired. Where’s my $15 season of a Telltale Series? Or Lost legacy for under $20? #highexpectationslol

      Nah, the PSN Xmas / January sales this year were garbage. Last year was awesome, I bought heaps. Only thing I bought this year was Undertale. Also bought South Park The Fractured But Whole because the bundled copy of The Stick Of Truth just managed to make it worth it at that price.

        Exactly the same reason I picked up the retail copy on sale. Two games. 20hrs a piece. Totally worth it.

        Was considering Steamworld Dig but I probably wouldn’t play it anyway *shrugs*

          I bloody loved Steamworld Dig on the Vita. Great game. Get it! :D

    "They Are Billions" and more Plunkbat most likely.

    On sunday, I will be playing Tomb Raider: Underworld, thanks to xbox live's free games..it is the only Tomb Raider I haven't played yet. So looking forward to it.

    Might also get some of The Last of Us in.

    Found out Factorio had a new version released in December, so took the opportunity to start a new save. Aiming for about 4x the production of my last base, so taking an eternity to plan out where everything will go. Currently working towards robots after realising how long it will take to place 32x 48-furnace smelting columns by hand...

    Still working my way through Wolfenstein TNO.

    However, I just upgraded to a Xbox One X so I'm keen to finish off my Fallout 4 playthrough in 4k and Just Cause 3 now that it's framerate doesn't grind to a standstill.

    Finished Divinity Original Sin about a week ago, so now I've moved on to Elite Dangerous to meet all of my life-wasting needs.


      What platform are your space adventures taking place on?

        PS4. Just playing solo so far. Partly because I'm sick as a dog and don't want to make others listen to my disgusting coughing and wheezing and sniffling, and partly because I don't want my little n00b ship to get shredded by people in larger ones looking for easy prey :P

        I got out of my initial Sidewinder as soon as I could and into a Cobra Mk III (in honour of my time playing OG Elite on my C64 back in the day). I've upgraded that a bit while I save towards something bigger and better. I'm thinking Asp Explorer, based on the research I've done so far.

          Cool. I do have a copy on PS4 but tend to spend most of my time on PC.

          Open is *mostly* OK - the risky areas where the seal-clubbers hang out are the starter systems (although it says a "random" system, there are only 5 or 6 initial spawns), any Community Goal, and around popular destinations like the classic systems (Lave/Zaonce), the Pleiades nebula and occasionally some ganker will sit at Sagittarius A* or Colonia purely to pick off explorers in their range-max/shield-min ships...

          ...but this is why I play in a PvE group called Mobius most of the time anyway.


          Cobra's a great multirole ship for bounties and pottering about. You can do the "Rare Routes", a good way to make some cash and have a bit of a tour as you go.

          Don't miss out on Eagle/Imp Eagle if you're looking at doing some bounty hunting and learning to dogfight.

          Diamondback Explorer (DBX) has the highest range of any ship and is a great way to start exploring - the "Road To Riches" is a good way to build some exploration rank and cash.

          Yes, AspX's a superb ship. Good multirole, and probably the best long distance explorer as it has one more slot than DBX and almost the same range. Good for rare trading too.

          If you want to play with ship loadouts, then search for "coriolis EDCD edition" - that'll let you work out stuff without faffing about in game.

          For trading and finding ship bits for sale - EDDB.io is *the* resource.

          Any other questions, feel free to ask here or on PSN. Or join the Elite Dangerous Australia & NZ group on facebook: mostly helpful players on all three platforms with regular meetups for bounty hunting. Even meet IRL now and again.

    Just got Xenoblade chronicles 2 so that's now at the top of my list of games I need to finish.

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