What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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The weekend is a great time to catch up with friends, especially ones you haven't seen in a while.

The friend in point I'm referring to is Overwatch's wonderful D.Va, that bastion of annoyance that just so happens to be (probably) the best tank in the game right now. I've staved off Overwatch over the last few months, partly to give myself time to enjoy everything over that blockbuster period.

But partially because of the Overwatch league, I've been enjoying some games here and there with Tegan.

Beyond that, I'll also be spending more time with this:

It's Full Ace Tennis Simulator, which leans pretty heavily on the simulator side of things. I'm not very far through the career yet, but once I've got more time under my belt I'll let you know what it's like.

What are you playing this weekend?


    I'd play the lotto to try and win the funds to pay for my medical test, and now car rego too, but I can't even afford the ticket.
    So instead it looks like I'll be playing Suicidal Tendencies. Probably not the musical variety though unfortunately :\

      Hey mate, not sure if you're serious or not, but if you are please seek some help!


        Thanks for the concern. Was intended more as a joke. Still got a little time to try and raise some funds for it all, so not quite at that stage. Just sick of the ever mounting issues. Health problems are bad enough. Stacking financial issues on top just adds stress to compound things even further. Especially when they are preventing the resolution of said medical issues :\

    Into the Breech from hmte creators of FTL

    Robot military time travellers vs Giant Alien Bug Kaijuin in a turn based tactics chess board.

    Lost my best pilot to a falling rock last night because I forgot to reposition for sink hole. Revenge.

    Will check out the cyberpunk weirdness that is Observer (finally discounted on PSN). May also crack and pay full price for Moss for PSVR.

      So jealous. I can't justify buying a PSVR at the moment, but Moss would be THE game I'd get for it.

      Mate, good call on Observer. Got it when it first came out. Worth a look.

    Finished Heart of Stone, now 3 hours into the Blood & Wine DLC for Witcher 3.

    After reading Patricia’s article, I have a weird urge to fire up Fallout 3 again... so probably a bit of that, some monster hunter world - need to beat Nergigante, I have been trying solo, but I think I might need to upgrade my gear a bit first, and possibly send up an SOS flare... I will also do a few raids in EFT no doubt, get me one one of them shiny new Glocks they introduced in the last update.

      I had a craving for new game plus persona 5 after reading that article too!

        Haha it was the article after the persona article! Which reminds me - I need to finish persona 5... I was about 90hrs in when I stopped playing

    Probably whatever is in the humble monthly when it launches.

    Still working my way through my PS Plus library. Still playing Zombi.

    Minimal gaming for me this weekend, at least until Sunday. Have a $1m+ poker tournament starting tomorrow (prolly closer to $2m by the end), lets see how I go.

    Getting near the end of Mass Effect Andromeda. Put about 110 hours into it so far and still enjoying it. Probably do an insanity run and try for the platinum trophy after I finish.

    Hit a difficulty spike in Dynasty Warriors Next. There was one battle where they force you to play as Zhang Liao and I kept getting ganked by Ling Tong and Gan Ning. Took me quite a few attempts to beat that stage. I've now hit Three Kingdoms era and am invading Wu and Shu with Cao Cao's forces. Getting the hang of the Dynasty Warriors fighting style, but the camera is a struggle at times.

      is this DW9 your talking about?

        No, Dynasty Warriors Next for PS Vita (I'm a bit behind the times...lol).

    Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Near the end (i think) and will have to start my filling anime girls pokedex.

    My lovely gal bought me Monster Hunter World for my 35th :D

    First one, too.

    Another round of Sea of Thieves (scale test). Brilliant!

    Picked up Titanfall 2 pretty cheap last week. Loving the campaign so far.

    Season 13 of Diablo 3 will probably be my main game this weekend. Just something chill and mindless to take the edge off stress.

    Bloodborne's prominence in this month's PS+ reminded me I never actually got back to it after getting pulled away by Destiny's second DLC in April 2015. I only got up to Amelia back then, so restarted last night... after a year-or-so of off-an-on Nioh using purely dual swords, BB is slow. This will take some adjusting...

    I'm working through my top 100 games on my backlog this year, trying to only buy games i deem 'essential'. I think I can finish off Silent Hill 3.

    I wasn't sold on it for the first hour: having a machine gun and a katana really feels at odds with a slow survival horror. The more I play, the more I'm getting out of it, though. There's been a few scenes that have creeped me out on the level of Silent Hill 2. Also, it's made me realise that it's everything around the combat that's been scary when it comes to the Silent Hill series.

    It'll be darkest dungeon on the switch, finally got the mechanics down and I am loving it. The aesthetics of it r just fantastic, especially the voice work. Fuck, it is sinister.
    And if I'm feeling masochistic I may continue my quest for my first solo chicken dinner on pubg on the xbone. A few second places now, one of these days I won't choke and I'll be feasting !

    Took the dive and got monster Hunter.... Now to see how good my time management skills are with 2 kids.. One of which is sick

    Picked up xenoverse 2 cheap, so time for some saiyan adventures!

    Probably finish off Half-Life on PS2 with my partner. yeah, never played it back in the day and boy have I been bitten by not saving to the memory card from a weirdly deep option in the menu but rather "quick saving", which only saves the game as long as the system is on.

    I'm a fair way in now, so maybe I'll actually finish Okami HD.

    No joke, I got the original version on the PS2 for its novelty back in the day, I got the Wii version to see how it differed (one of these day's I'll open the box!) and recently of the HD version on PS4.

    So having bought the same game three times, I think it high time I finished the darn thing!


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