'Prosthesis' Is A Real Mech You Can Climb Inside Of And Stomp Around In

Alright, so I want to stomp around in a giant, mechanised exo-skeleton as much as the next person. And while Furrion's "Prosthesis", a self-described "exo-bionic mobility platform" looks the goods and appears to work as advertised, I believe the company's attempt to get a racing league of these things up and running is, well, misguided.

Not sure what I mean? Just watch the video. Skip past the first 23 seconds. Trust me on this.

Firstly, credit where credit is due. Prosthesis is a real mech that someone can climb into and clomp around in. It could be lots of fun. Where it all goes wrong is when Furrion decides to pitch it as a racing machine when, clearly, it's not.

The switch to CG at the end doesn't help its case either.

Image: Furrion / YouTube

I think some of the video's comments say it best. For example:

I kept waiting for it to get faster, and overwhelm me with excitement. It did the exact opposite.


I think you forgot to put the racing part in it.

Maybe Furrion can add some roller skates with the next model?



    Holy shit that was boring to watch...who the hell would watch a race between something they can walk faster than?!

    Put some pant ball cannons on it and have a small team act vanguard, with the mech as the command unit.
    That way the teams have to attack the enemy command unit while defending their own.
    That I would watch.

    If they went with a 6 leg design it could move a crapload faster and would be relatively stable for the pilot. That design is crap with a ridiculous center of gravity movement.

      Dude yeah, pointless inefficiency at it's finest.

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