And Here’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands For $19

And Here’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands For $19
Image: Ubisoft

Sometimes you come home after work and just want to shoot something. Ghost Recon: Wildlands caters for precisely this.

Ubisoft’s Bolivian-themed drug cartel cleaning simulator is going for $29 at EB right now, but you can pick up the PC version — download code only, I’m afraid — for $19.

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You know which game has a huge map? Ghost Recon: Wildlands.

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The deal is part of EB’s Mid Year Sale, and should hang around for a little longer than just 24 hours. If you’re after the PS4 or Xbox versions of Wildlands, they’re available too, but for $29 ($24 pre-owned).


  • worth it imo, it’s a decent game for stints of 1 to 2hrs gaming (perfect for after work downtime).

    wouldn’t recommend it if you want to marathon something, you can only hijack so many trucks before it becomes a chore

  • Super underrated game. Absolute hoot co-op, and even as single player, absolutely massive living map to explore. PvP mode is great fun too, but has DLC for classes, etc.

  • Have to agree with folks here, I really enjoyed my time with Wildlands, it’s not a bad game.
    (It was a bit rough at the start but they were very quick to fix a lot of the issues)

    Also one of the few Ubi games with events that I actually enjoyed playing.

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