Crysis Multiplayer Servers To Shut Down After 11 Years

Crysis Multiplayer Servers To Shut Down After 11 Years
Image: Crytek

For the two of you still playing multiplayer Crysis, I have some bad news — come October 11, the game’s online servers will shut down forever, leaving you to move onto Crysis 2. Oh wait, my bad. Crysis 3 then?

I don’t think anyone’s that shocked — the game did come out in 2007 — and despite its ongoing ability to melt PCs into their components atoms, EA and Crytek are calling it a day.

Here’s the announcement in its entirety, courtesy of the Crysis Facebook page:

Online multiplayer will no longer be available from October 11, 2018.

We don’t have the required number of players to keep up the service and ensure all our players have a great online experience.

We appreciate your support and hope you continue enjoying our single-player campaign.

I suppose that’s nice, being able to enjoy the campaign still. That said, it would have been bizarre otherwise.

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