EA Kills Off 'On The House', Origin's Free Game Program

Image: EA

Arguably the best thing about Origin, EA's online storefront, is its "On The House" program. From time to time, the publisher would offer its top-tier games for free, with past deals including Dead Space, Syndicate and Battlefield 3. Well, it appears EA has killed off On The House and replaced it with Origin Access.

If you hit up the On The House link, you'll be redirected to Origin Access.

After noticing the missing page, a Reddit user with the handle "BigWhomas" opened a dialogue with customer support, where they were informed of the bad news ("Danish" referring to the EA representative):

Danish: __, right now origin on the house services are closed by EA.
you: Oh no :( are they ever going to bring it back?
Danish: No updates are announced regarding opening on the house as of now. So I won't be able to tell you that it will come back or not.

So, it could come back in a different form, but for now, don't expect any more free EA-published games. Such a shame.

Its official! [Its Closed Down] [Reddit, via Blue's News]


    And just when EA needs as much good will as possible

      Going for greediest company of the year two years running. Great job EA.

    Arguably the best thing about Origin
    Personally, I would have led with "Arguably the only good thing about Origin..."

    I don't blame them. None of the "On the House" offers converted me to a paying Origin customer (mainly because I tend to buy games on consoles).

    Red Alert 2 with the Yuri's Revenge expansion was the best free release of the lot. That one I went and played.

    Shame they ended this, as it was a great thing + was the only reason I even opened up Origin. With it gone, I don't have a reason to use it. Bye bye Origin.

      Yep. It was awesome. BUT. It was a how old game? I played a little just to remember how much I loved it, but it was never going to convince me to do much. They should've chucked on Sim City or something as well. But free is free so I shouldn't complain.

    Shrug. I guess they used up their stockpile of 'shit that wasn't making EA any new money'.

    What'd people expect them to do... give away shit that's still selling? It's as if no-one knows what EA's all-consuming, number one priority is.

    It's EA. They would have killed off the On The House deals to try and shove their "Origin Access Premiere" subscription service down our throats. EA is the worst publisher in the gaming world PERIOD!

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