Get Jackbox Party Pack 4 For Just Over $7

Given that the Jackbox packs are guaranteed entertainment for any games night - and a great gateway game for non-gaming friends and family - it's useful to know that you can buy the latest pack for bugger all.

Jackbox Party Pack 4, which comes with the latest Fibbage, the monster dating simulator Monster Seeking Monster, Civic Doodle, Bracketeering and Survive the Internet, is available from Fanatical for $7.39. Australian dollars, not US.

Fibbage 3 and Monster Seeking Monster are the standouts of the pack, although it's Fibbage and its alternate game mode, Enough About You, that usually gets the most play.

So for less than a tenner, you're getting good value out of those two alone, not to mention the other games. Head here to snag the deal while you can: you've got about 10 hours from the time of writing.


    It's worth getting a Steam link for these, I picked up all 4 games for under $10 each and grabbed a cheap Steam Link when they were on sale, so all up it was around the same price as buying one of these games on Xbox/PSN and I got the bonus of the Steam Link.

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