Ash Just Won A Pokémon League In The Anime

Perennial loser Ash Ketchum is now a winner. In the most recent episode of the Pokémon Sun Moon anime, Ash broke his losing streak with a championship trophy.

For decades, Ash has lost. In 2016, he lost a heartbreaker during the Kalos League finals in the Pokémon XYZ anime. But now, he is Alola’s current reigning champ.

The Ash-always-loses meme is finished!

Even Ash can’t believe it.

Of course, Ash did win the Orange Island League, but that was two decades ago and that tournament wasn’t really up to typical League standards.

Congrats to Ash and Pikachu!


    Yeah nah I saw a lot of pokemon in my youth, I don't know who (or what) that thing is but it isn't Ash. Looks like a bad ditto transformation.

    The hell happened to his face?

      Welcome to the current state of animation, its been devolving for years - just look at recent shows like she-ra

        I'd hardly call it 'devolving' in any case. New animation techniques gives rise to different styles with different advantages. She-Ra is a totally different show to the original in basically every way, so that's a really bad example.

        The Pokemon anime's a good case study, because it's a show that's had a handful of consistent characters so you can see the evolution with the exact same designs. Still images also doesn't really do the current Pokemon anime justice, because the animation quality itself's improved immensely, you've got a lot more smooth and unique animations. Which, given Pokemon is about the Pokemon who now move far better while looking about the same, is to its benefit.

        But no, it doesn't look like the 90s anymore. You can watch the original series on Netflix if you want to see that it's actually not as good as you remember, though.

          It's actually more about cost cutting and crunch in the animation studios than anything else.

        This is a stylistic change (of debatable necessity and direction) not a quality change. The animation is still as good or better than it was in the yesteryears. Character design =/= quality.

      The more you look, the worse it gets.
      Even Pikachu looks off.

    A 10-year-old boy finally wins the Pokemon league a decade later at the age of 10.

      Two decades! (we're old).

        Man I still remember going to see the first movie in cinemas. Still the greatest Pokemon movie ever.

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