Planet Zoo, As Told By Steam Reviews

If you’re the sort of person who sees packs of animals majestically gallivanting about in forests or on the National Geographic channel and thinks “I need to manage those,” you’re in luck: Planet Zoo is now out on Steam. But does it have Steam users squawking, or do they want to lock it up and throw away the key?

A little bit of both, honestly. Planet Zoo has put many Steam users in a pickle, much like it did to Kotaku’s own Luke Plunkett. He adored the game’s surprisingly large roster of fuzzy buddies, but felt like the management side of things didn’t really gel. Similarly, many Steam users have taken aim at Planet Zoo’s overt similarities to the previous Frontier-developed management game, Planet Coaster. This creates a sort of dissonance with all the new animal-based activities. While some say this game has managed to fill the Zoo Tycoon-shaped hole in their hearts, others are—like incensed zoo animals in the process of mounting a daring escape—very much on the fence.


    I have a huge Zoo-Tycoon-shaped hole in my life so I've been watching this game with interest. Considering my favourite part was always building amazing exhibits and ignoring the management side of things, it does sound like I might be fine with the sandbox mode, but hmmm maybe best to wait til they fix things. If they fix things?

    Not at all surprised by the negatives being mentioned given the developer in question, and similar negatives being brought up for previous games they've made like this... Not to mention their love of overpriced DLC.

    Was holding out hope they'd change but I guess not, just business as usual for them.

      I am expecting animal packs containing 6 animals for $15 a piece

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