This Week In Games: Pokemon Warlords

This Week In Games: Pokemon Warlords
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What would you do if you woke up as a Pokemon? On second thought, don’t answer that.

I posed the question because Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX, a remake of the 2005 game, hits the Switch this week. Everyone gets to team up with a Pokemon – and be a Pokemon – of their choice. And since you can apparently be Psyduck, it’s already game of the year.

I’m kidding, obviously. It’s a huge week for Division 2 fans, with the Warlords of New York story expansion dropping early in the week. Romance of the Three Kingdoms has finally gotten an English translation on PC, but the PS4 version will be available through EB in Australia. I’ve heard some good things about Spellbreak, a battle royale with spellcasters, while Save Koch seems like a fun mystery where you play as a mafia boss.

  • Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX | Switch
  • Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV | PC, PS4
  • The Division 2: Warlords of New York | PC, PS4, Xbox
  • Spellbreak | PS4, PC
  • Afterparty | Switch
  • Save Koch | Switch
  • Swordbreaker | Switch
  • Unlock The King | Switch
  • Arc of Alchemist | PS4
  • Baron: Fur Is Gonna Fly | Xbox
  • 60 Seconds! | Xbox
  • Curse of the Dead Gods | PC
  • Weakless | PC
  • The Longing | PC
  • The Story Goes On | Switch
  • I Am Ball | Switch
  • ibb & obb | Switch
  • Dude, Stop! | Switch
  • Lost Horizon | Switch
  • Baron: Fur Is Gonna Fly | Switch
  • Great British Railway Journeys | PC
  • Broomstick League | PC
  • Smart City Plan | PC
  • Vilundia | PC
  • Puddle Knights | PC
  • The Fallen | PC
  • Infini | PC

Onto the trailers! And we’ll start things with … the official Great British Railway Journeys game. What, you thought it was going to be Pokemon?

Few fun things in there. Spellbreak looks like a game that should have had a bit more press just going off the gameplay. The Division 2 expansion will be worth checking out for those who enjoy the game in solo or co-op, and naturally, there’s Pokemon.

See anything you like this week?


  • Will be getting Mystery Dungeon for my 5yr old son. His birthday is the 29th and he loves pokemon, very easy choice for a present.

    No idea if I’ll play through it or not…I played the demo and it was possibly a bit too faithful to the original. A bit too simplistic for my taste.

    • Did you play the original?

      Is it worth it for an adult that has never played it? My son also loved the demo but it seemed a bit simple and I have no idea if it’s something I should pay full price for.

      • Played the original when I was a teenager and it was easy/simple back then.

        The demo is a pretty good representation of the gameplay…it’s basically the tutorial for the game. After that finishes you can expect it to open up a bit more, get some more choices etc but it will still be a pretty easy game. Good for kids.

  • I already played the demo for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Rescue Team and if I woke up and I became a Pokemon myself say Squirrel it would still contain my voice and I would be working with my partner who also became a Pokemon say Totodile to rescue all the other Pokemon around the world of Pokemon.
    I’ll definitely be getting Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Rescue Team from the Nintendo eshop so it shouldn’t be too dear. I’ve already got my save file for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Rescue Team and when I do download the game I’ll be using my save data in the downloaded game to continue my Pokemon adventure.

  • This Week In Games: Pokemon WarlordsFor a moment there you had me excited that Pokemon Conquest had come to Switch.

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