Report: Sony Is Making Fewer PS5s This Year Due To Its Price And Not Covid-19

Report: Sony Is Making Fewer PS5s This Year Due To Its Price And Not Covid-19
Image: Sony

Sources tell Bloomberg that this year, Sony will be producing a lower number of PlayStation 5 consoles. The cause, reportedly, isn’t due to the novel coronavirus covid-19 pandemic, but rather, apparently the hardware’s high price at launch.

The console’s technical specs are expected to be reflected in the pricing, Bloomberg added, and there has been speculation that the PS5 will be priced between $US499 ($790) and $US549 ($869). Certain components are scarce and expensive, which could cut into the company’s profits on each machine.

Kotaku reached out to Sony, but did not receive a reply prior to publication.

Production might be impacted by the pandemic. Sony employees are working from home, and Sony might ditch in-person press events for the console. Earlier this year, the company held a virtual briefing to announce the console’s specs.

The PS5’s assembly is expected to begin in June. While Sony has revealed the console’s controller, only a small handful of insiders have apparently seen what the actual console looks like, for fear of leaks. 

Sony was quoted as telling its partners that it will make 5 to 6 million PS5s during the financial year ending on March 31, 2021. In comparison, Sony sold 7.5 million PS3s during that console’s first two quarters. The goal is still for a simultaneous worldwide launch, but the pandemic is impacting game production across the industry, which could impact the debut titles.

At launch, the PlayStation 3 was hard to get, so expect the PlayStation 5 to be even more so. 


    • And the volatile and fluctuating cash rate market makes it harder to predict end gross profit for a product to be launched in 4/5/6 months time.

      Either way, im getting one. Pumped!

  • PS5 will be priced between $US499 ($790) and $US549 ($869).

    I live for the day when an Aus media article bothers to add sales tax in their conversion, from USD which NEVER includes sales tax as it’s state based. I know this is originally a US article, but it would be nice for the Aus person that edited it to include a conversion to go the extra mile to supply accurate information.

    $US499 ($873 inc GST) and $US549 ($959 inc GST)

    • Australia doesn’t typically add GST on top of those state taxes; our GST ends up taking the place of what the state tax would have been. Hence why Xbox One was $599 ($US499) here at launch and not closer to $1000 locally, like you’re suggesting.

      • I wasn’t suggesting it is added on top of US state tax, nor do the numbers I displayed suggest that, I am not sure how you drew that conclusion.
        US, by law, lists all RRP without sales tax as it is a state based system that varies greatly from 0-11.5%, with possible regional taxes on top of State taxes.

        It is however law in Australia to list all RRPs inclusive of GST, so when your readers see information provided in regards to Au pricing, they immediately think that is their accurately converted price that they will paying. This is misleading, as it is missing a vital part of their cost.

        Re XBOX One, I do not understand your analogy here. I can”t begin to understand your suggestion that a variance in tax, be it a miscalculation of GST on top of US price inclusive of tax could come close to $1000. There is no degree of math that could bring you to that conclusion.

        The reason XBOX One was Au $599 at launch was because it had a US MSRP of US $499, and our Au dollar was buying the USD in the mid to low 90 cent region for many months. So USD $499 converted to AUD on launch day (0.92993) would have been Au $536.59, add GST, and you have Au $590, making it clear sense be U $599.

        My point still stands, and a simple one, when you convert USD to represent a price an Aus consumer can expect to pay, you should be including GST as that is what Aus consumer expects.

  • buying at launch will depend on a mix of price and what games are available … I say but I said the same thing about the ps4 and then randomly bought one on day 1 cause I felt the hype

  • Almost seems like a waste to actually want to upgrade to the PS5, which should be fully capable of running all PS4 games, and now with what I’m literely hearing all the time about our $$’s being pointless, you’d wander why they thought they were going to have a successful launch this year.

  • Fewer models out in the wild means the price people are expecting on the PS5 will be even higher, more so if some of the components are “scarce”. Might be time for this old Sony war horse to try the XBox next gen when it comes out. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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