Here’s A Banging Bargain On The Best Third-Party Switch/PC Controller

Here’s A Banging Bargain On The Best Third-Party Switch/PC Controller
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8BitDo are well known for making some of the best third-party controllers for retro and Switch gaming, hands down. Their SN30 Pro+ is just all-around excellent, and today it’s going for a song.

Amazon has the all-black version of 8BitDo’s beautiful USB-C gamepad going for $56.55 right now. That’s about $15 less than what it’ll cost you normally — I picked up mine for $79 last year — and a nifty discount on what you’d pay for a Switch Pro Controller, Xbox One or stock PS4 controller.

As before, to get the Sn30 Pro+ at the best price, you’ll have to navigate to this link. Towards the bottom of the screen, you’ll see the “Frequently Bought Together” section, where the Sn30 Pro+ can be added to your cart for $56.55 (instead of $87.26):

amazon 8bitdo sn30 pro+

The SN30 Pro+ works just as well with PC as it does the Switch, Android or iOS — it connects via BlueTooth or can work wired natively as an Xinput controller — so it’s the best option right now for a single controller that you can use across everything.

I’ve had mine for a year and there’s no frustrating problems with stick drift. The Windows/Mac app lets you customise the strength and deadzones of the sticks, invert controls if you want, or remap all the buttons. It’s just a genuinely good controller from top to bottom.

8bitdo sn30 pro+

It would be nice to be able to use a mobile app for customisations, but that’s genuinely the smallest of quibbles. A bigger problem is that the gyro controls in the SN30 Pro+ aren’t as good as what you’d get in the Switch Pro pad or the Joy-Cons, so if games like Splatoon 2 are absolutely your jam, be aware of that.

It’s a great pad for Smash Ultimate. It’s good for games like Mario Kart. I love the hell out of mine for dumb sports games like Cricket 19. And it’s also the cheapest pad on the market, which is an all-around win.

Head here to grab the deal, and don’t forget to change to the Black Edition (the deal isn’t available with the other coloured versions). Follow the trick above with the “Frequently Bought Together” section, and you’ll be sweet.

I have no idea how long Amazon are going to allow this trick to continue, but hey, you might as well take advantage for it until they stop doing it.


    • Need them for Katamari Damacy. Just doesn’t feel right with misaligned sticks for me.
      Also, prominent D-pad for the retro games.

      But other than that mileage will vary

      • Retro games was my first thought for grabbing one of these controllers. Modern games that play in a similar fashion, side scrolling games like Bloodstained or top downs like Stardew Valley are pretty frequent in my library enough to justify the buy as well.

  • Where do you buy all of these songs you keep referencing as price comparisons? I’d suggest buying them elsewhere because $50 for a song is expensive.

  • Sadly this deal seems to be over. Is now $84.99 – which still isn’t a terrible price if it’s as good as you say 🙂

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