What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?
Image: Blizzard Entertainment
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I’m currently stuck in mandatory self isolation courtesy of some bad luck. Fortunately, that makes it all the better for catching up virtually — particularly over games that are more chill than they used to be.

One such game that’s become a way to unwind is, weirdly, Overwatch. I haven’t played it frequently for most of this year, as a lot of my regular group had transitioned to other games. But some of those friends are starting to revert back, preferring Overwatch‘s casual quick play mode and its lower stakes compared to the audiences and seriousness of games like Counter-Strike or Valorant.

A group have asked to catch up over some Overwatch times again, so that’s going to be a highlight over the next 24 hours. But I’m also looking for a bit of escapism, which is where this next game comes in.

Image: Umurangi Generation

Umurangi Generation is a game that’s been sitting on my list for a while. It’s a short indie title which launched in May, and it’s all about taking photographs of a crappy sci-fi city as you ferry packages on the Tauranga Express.

The game’s all about unlocking equipment, new lenses, and taking photos along the way. And as someone who can’t leave their house, that sounds pretty damn divine.

So that’s what’s on my cards for the weekend. What about you? What are you playing over the next few days? Anything interesting? Anything familiar? Tell us in the comments!


  • Ha, I lived in Tauranga.

    Gonna be spending a lot of time fishing and mining in the Cambion Drift care of Warframe.
    (I just can’t get away from it atm)
    My sons gonna prob want to do slow donuts and crash in to trees with my tractors in Farm Simulator I got off PSN, he doesn’t care to do anything else.

  • Wasteland 3 courtesy of Game Pass – been loving it so far.

    If I need further distraction, will play through the training missions of Crusader Kings 3. Never played a previous one but hyped for this.

    Otherwise, some housework and prep for my Monday night, 5 year-long D&D campaign that should be coming to a head by the end of this year.

  • Just finished Controls AWE expansion, sort of sucks that Remedy stopped at 2 expansions, i feel there is more to the Control universe that can be explored but i suppose that’s for a sequel.

    Might continue on with Horizon: Zero Dawn.

  • I’m playing the Family simulator. It’s my daughters second birthday tomorrow and then I have a wedding tomorrow night. Sunday Father’s Day with my kids then with my dad.

    If I have time though it’s all about Tony Hawk this weekend

  • Im in between wasting away my life on PSO2 and playing Dead Island DE and Dying Light now my pc can handle it…

    Im liking the vast improvements on visuals n parkour system on Dying Light but the combat is leaving me a but meh… melee weapons just dont give the same impact as when im on DI (like im whaling on normal zombies and there is no sense of jmpact or damage… an then theres the damage sponge thug types..)… then again im still early game so hopefully weapons start to get more oomph later but the multi class system on Dead Island seems more fun..

  • Minecraft.

    But I am also thinking of picking up Dead Island Definitive Edition on PS4 as its on sale for $4.99. Can’t go wrong for $5, right?

    • No, you can’t. Although it’s one of those games that’s exponentially better with friend(s), so if you have someone or someones to play with, do that.

  • DOOM Eternal on the Pro. Devs have upped the difficulty from 2016 DOOM but I’lll be damned if I’ll be dialling it down all the way to “I want to live”!

  • Picked up Tony Hawk today. So much time spent on the original series means I’ve almost finished TH1 already, but still loving every minute of it.

  • Alex please never stop spruiking these indie titles. You’ve managed to highlight a bunch I never would have heard of otherwise

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