EB Games Is Launching A VIP Trade Week For PS5, Xbox Series X Savings

EB Games Is Launching A VIP Trade Week For PS5, Xbox Series X Savings
Image: EB Games

If you’ve got unwanted games currently sitting in your backlog and you’re looking forward to the next generation of consoles, EB Games has just the thing for you. From November 3 to 9, you’ll be able to head in store with your old games and get double the trade-in value when you trade a PS4 or Xbox One towards the value of a PS5 or Xbox Series X.

Basically, here’s how it works: you head into your local EB Games with a PS4 or Xbox One system during VIP Trade Week. When you trade in the console, you’ll get double the value of your EB World trade bonus on all games and accessories traded with the system based on your EB World level.

This is in addition to the established bonus for trading in consoles towards the PS5 and Xbox Series X. For a refresher, you can grab the Xbox Series X for $399 if you trade in your Xbox One. You can also grab a bunch of savings if you’re trading in your old PS4 for a PS5.

If you’re planning on trading in your old consoles and any older games and accessories, here’s what you’ll get during VIP Trade Week:

  • EB World Level 1: 10% bonus trade credit
  • EB World Level 2: 20% bonus trade credit
  • EB World Level 3: 30% bonus trade credit
  • EB World Level 4: 40% bonus trade credit
  • EB World Level 5: 50% bonus trade credit

As you spend more money, make pre-orders and trade in games at EB, you’ll level up until you hit the magical Level 4. (Only the top 1% of customers are able to nab an exclusive Level 5 card, according to in-store legend.)

Note: you will need to have a current next-gen pre-order for PS5 or Xbox Series X with EB Games to take advantage of this offer.

While EB Games doesn’t always offer a fantastic deal for games being traded, these bonuses are very enticing, particularly if you’ve got older games lying around you know you won’t get to. It’s time to cull your collection and get amongst the action.

You can view all the details of the offer on the EB Games’ Twitter:

If you’re heading into your local EB Games store to take advantage of VIP Trade Week, make sure you observe best practices for coronavirus safety. Wash your hands, don’t go into stores if they’re too crowded, maintain a distance of 1.5 metres around you, wear a mask and be respectful of staff.

VIP Trade Week is great news for customers, but as someone who’s been on the other end of the EB Games counter it’s important to remember the lovely staff are doing their best to help out, and trade-in orders can be very stressful. They’re also dealing with all the challenges that coronavirus brings, so be mindful when you head in store.


      • Also, I ordered my preorder online for home delivery, which is making any talk of trade-in pretty difficult, because stores are only able to have interactions with preorders that were registered for pickup at their store. I couldn’t even ask to pay off the remainder of my preorder cost at a store or get the delivery changed to pickup, because they can’t touch the online home delivery ones.

        I ain’t gonna mess with it. I’ll save the trade-in for my partner’s post-launch order.

        • Home delivery is such a tricky one – each store has their own POS which only contains pre-orders from that store. But the staff are always really friendly and if you go chat to them about it, you may be able to work something out. I’m sure as long as you can prove you have a pre-order, it should be no dramas.

          • Ha, I actually tried at the Mt Gravatt Westfield. The fella was indeed very nice, and went to get his manager who was also very nice, and both sat fiddling around with the computer for a while trying to how to figure out how to accomplish what I was asking, and they concluded that they just didn’t have the inputs available.

            Doesn’t surprise me, and it’s not a big deal. I’ll just make use of the trade-in deals to cheapen my partner’s PS5. 🙂

  • Note: you will need to have a current next-gen pre-order for PS5 or Xbox Series X with EB Games to take advantage of this offer.
    is this trade reward only for those getting launch day consoles? eb want you to trade your current console in for credit towards a console that noone really knows when they will get a person could be without gaming for a month or more

    • Its for any EB customer that has a pre-order, I don’t think the timeframe of when you get that pre-order matters. You are right in being skeptical about trading in your console during this VIP week if you dont know when you’ll be getting the next-gen console, but the only reason to trade in your console during that specific week is to get the bonus credit on any games or accessories you might be planning to trade in too.

      I’ve got like 15 games and an extra controller I was planning to trade in, so getting an extra 30% credit on those would be great, and would more than likely mean I might not have to pay anything out of pocket except for the deposit I had put down, and hell, I might be able to snag a few games later on if I have left over credit, so it would be ideal for me since I managed to snag a launch preorder. I can understand how it might not sound so great for someone who wasn’t able to score a launch day preorder though.

  • This is the carrot to trade in your console towards your pre-order to reduce trade-in traffic & processing time on launch day the following week , but I don’t trust that EB won’t experience some supply issues of the next-gen consoles to some stores for launch day… you could end up without either your old or new console for an unspecified period of more than a week!

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