EB Games: ‘We Have Made A Mistake’, Delays Some PS5 Preorders Until After Launch

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Yesterday was a great day for hopeful PS5 or Xbox Series X owners, with EB Games telling users that they’d been pushed forward in the launch queue. Now this evening, the retailer has done an about-face, informing customers that the emails and SMS notifications were sent “in error”.

The email sent to users reads as follows:

“We have made a mistake regarding your PlayStation 5 order. Yesterday, you were sent an SMS and an Email in error, advancing you in our queue. We regret to inform you that this is not the case, and your original place in the queue (POST LAUNCH 2020 SHIPMENT) still stands.”

Unsurprisingly, the users who received the email were … less than happy about it.

I don’t want to be the poor staffer having to deal with the influx of upset EB Games PS5 preorder emails right now. That said, genuine mistakes do happen. And throughout this whole process, you do have to give EB Games credit for at least providing some clarity around what’s happening with each wave of the console. Not every retailer has been as upfront, so while this mea culpa is undoubtedly embarrassing — and awful for those who feel like they missed out, then got lucky, only to miss out again — at least the company is keeping the communication up.

The other bright side is that there haven’t been any reports of Xbox Series X preorders being affected in the same way. However, one user did report that EB staffers in New Zealand are communicating that stock of the Xbox Series X won’t arrive there until 2021.

So … if you’re still getting a post-launch shipment this year, think of the bright side. Things could be a lot worse.


  • What a clusterfuck… Yet another reason to add to my already considerable list of reasons for not buying anything from EB.

  • “genuine mistakes do happen” Yes that is true, but I think they are way beyond that by now.

    When I was in at my local the other day they said they were looking at doing the whole trade in old consoles a week before we are due to collect (which makes sense in one way) but the staff member was truly lost for words when I said “So what happens if we dont get get the console when you promise? It virtually means we will be without both the old and the new console.” The staff member looked like they hadnt even considered that.

      • “Oh I didn’t know.” or “I thought I was going to give my old console to a friend/relative.” or simply, “I didn’t want to give you my console and get nothing in return.”

        Really any excuse would suffice, not that you should even need one.

        Because good luck to them refusing trades, that’d go down super well for them I imagine.

  • Many years back when I worked for them they had 2 people on IT for 200+ stores.

    I really hope those bastards have some help now cause they were run off their feet then.

  • To be honest, this is not terribly surprising. They’ve never been great with pre orders. I pre ordered something then it turned out it would never be releasing in Australia. Let’s also not forget the Switch being available to pre order 23 months before release (tbh I did put $5 on it then for a lark).

    • I do, simply for the sake that the staff at my local store are great (compared to JB where if you can even find a staff member they generally wouldn’t have the slightest clue about anything), I’ve never had any issues (not affected by this but even those who are, it’s really not an issue) and they price match.

    • Not going to debate the merits of pre-ordering (I know there’s other reasons it’s bad) but really, this in particular isn’t any reason why not to pre-order… The people getting these emails are people who already weren’t getting a launch console but they’ll still be getting one much earlier than anyone not pre-ordering.

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