How To Safely Pick Up Your PS5, Xbox Series X This Week

How To Safely Pick Up Your PS5, Xbox Series X This Week
Image: Kotaku
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It’s a massive week for gaming, with both the Xbox Series X and PS5 launching this week alongside a bunch of new games. If you haven’t placed an online order, it’s likely your week will involve heading in store to pick up your console and games in person. While getting a new generation of consoles is extremely exciting, it’s also important to remember coronavirus is still a major risk for some parts of Australia. Here are some of the best ways to stay COVID-safe while still enjoying your trip.

First, most stores are currently observing state recommended coronavirus protocols like ensuring 1.5 metre distancing between customers, providing hand sanitiser at the door and wearing a mask (depending on your state). As we all know by now, the coronavirus is extremely infectious and can last for up to 28 days on surfaces, which is why these protocols are in place.

Use common sense when you’re in store to protect both staff and yourself. Wear a mask if you’ve placed a preorder with a smaller store. Avoid touching your face when picking up your console. Sanitise regularly.

Some stores have additional rules and offers in place to ensure you have a safe journey in and out with your brand new console.

Grabbing Your PS5, Xbox Series X From EB Games

Like other stores, EB Games is following state-based coronavirus rules strictly. This includes maintaining social distance in store, limiting the number of people allowed in store at once and frequently cleaning surfaces.

In addition to this, EB Games is providing a Fast Pass services for customers who pay off their consoles pre-release. If you head in store before November 10 for the Xbox Series X or November 12 for the PlayStation 5 and pay off the full amount, you’ll obtain the mythical ‘Fast Pass’ which lets you skip the line on release day and get your console immediately.

All you’ll need to do is flash your pass to your local sales assistant and they’ll head out the back to collect your pre-packaged console. It means you’ll skip the lines, minimise your potential exposure to coronavirus and pull off an easy pick up.

If you’ve still got some cash left to pay off, you’ll probably find yourself in a socially-distanced queue with your fellow EB customers on launch day. If that’s the case you should maintain the recommended 1.5 metre distance, wear a mask (particularly if you’re located in Melbourne) and pay attention to any additional directions from staff.

It’ll be a frantic day for everyone so be kind, patient and respectful if you’re heading in store for console pick up.

Grabbing Your PS5, Xbox Series X From JB Hi-Fi

JB Hi-Fi will also be implementing stringent queue management on console launch day. Stores will have sanitiser on hand and staff will keep capacity to a minimum recommended level. Masks are recommended regardless of your location, and Click & Collect customers are being asked to bring their own pens to sign for orders (or allow staff to sign on their behalf).

You can view JB Hi-Fi’s full coronavirus response plan here.

Other stores like Target, Big W and The Good Guys all have existing coronavirus safety rules in place, so it’s best to check these before you head off to pick up your Xbox Series X or PS5. When you set up your console, you might also like to give it a good wipe down with sanitiser. The risk of transmission is unlikely, but you can’t be too careful when it comes to COVID safety.

We wish you luck on your quest into “The Outside” — and happy gaming! It’s going to be a great week.


  • Looks like my local JB (and I imagine others) are opening early to facilitate as many pick ups as possible.
    I got the 7-8am slot which is crazy when I think about it.

    • I went to the PS2 and Xbox midnight launches (I don’t think I did the Dreamcast launch night but got one the next day), as well as some of the WoW expansions. 7 – 8 am sound like an absolute luxury!

      • It does but I work late nights atm so I will have to get up early after a long shift and problems sleeping with excitement lol.

        On the upside I put in for a day off weeks ago in preparation!

        • I hear ya. I always try to avoid early meetings because of the whole ‘easier to stay up late than wake up early!’

          Hope that you have fun with it at least.

  • In my case: Endlessly refresh my email inbox and EB order page for delivery updates.

    Hm. It’s been at least 45 seconds since I checked last, better go refresh that again in case it positively influences the outcome.

    • I have an email saying Ive been bumped to launch day (had it since about a week after first preorders), but haven’t gotten one to tell me it’s ready for pick up. In assuming it would be ready…but do I need to wait for the email?

  • Based on the title I was kinda expecting helpful tips on avoiding being mugged and beaten for your console while heading back to your car from the store. Do I need a friend as a security escort through the carpark?

    Rural WA where as far as I know our lone EB Games is the only brick-n-mortar option. Got my day one pre-order and when I paid it off in store they told me I was one of only 32 consoles in my town of 40,000.
    8am thursday morning can’t come soon enough.

    • Dude, I had the Japanese PS3 delivered to my house back in the day before it had been released here in Aus.
      The delivery guy handed me the box and asked “Is that really what’s in the box?” and without thinking I said it was.
      There was this awkward silence that seemed to go on forever and he finally smiled, wished me a good day and left.
      I spent the next week in a panic that somebody was going to come and knock it off.

  • Mine is fully paid at EB I was in store yesterday and no mention of fast pass they just said get here early cos there’ll be a queue ffs.

      • That is very strange – Fast Pass was announced a few weeks ago and as far as I was aware, most stores will be using this system. It may be at a store’s discretion not to use it – my local one confirmed with me they’d be participating and I have a Fast Pass on hand.

        • I’m in Melbourne, and similarly, no employees at the EB store I have my click and collect pre-order at have mentioned anything about the fast-pass either.

          I’m sick as a dog atm, so getting someone else to pick mine up, and even when calling earlier today to make sure everything is alright with someone else picking it up on my behalf, there was again no mention of fast-pass.

  • Im supposed to pick mine up on Thursday at an EB at like nine, no mention of a pass. Naturally that day i now have two uni classes, and have to work to midnight. lol. I suppose that gives me times for a tiny play of Astro and by the time get home my games will have installed. This adulting thing is hard work somedays.

  • Given there size and weight, when picking up your console… bend at the knees and keep your weight balanced.

    Don’t forget leg day…. squats!

    • I’ve heard your best bet is to go into BigW, and failing that maybe Target. Everywhere else is pre-sold out for sure.
      I was listening to the EBGames guy answer call after call saying that, and that they _may_ be opening pre-orders for next year again soon.

  • Keen to get mine. I’m wondering how many people will be there begging to pay a thousand bucks for one, from those leaving the store.

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