You Don’t Have To Go To An EB Games Store To Cancel Your PS5/Xbox Series X Preorder

You Don’t Have To Go To An EB Games Store To Cancel Your PS5/Xbox Series X Preorder
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Because the PS5/Xbox Series X preorder madness was an absolute mess, fans naturally tried to get preorders in with as many stores as possible. But when it comes to EB Games, cancelling those preorders has been surprisingly difficult.

In a great get from Aussie indie outlet Stevivor, some PS5 / Xbox Series X customers have been put through the ringer by local EB Games customer support. After mandating that all PS5 preorders and Xbox Series X preorders have to be online, customer staff then told people that “you’ll simply need to head in store to cancel” those same preorders.

Which … obviously isn’t hugely helpful for people living in Victoria, Australia’s second largest state by population, where EB Games stores are closed due to coronavirus restrictions.

EB Games gave Stevivor a statement, saying Victorian customers wouldn’t be able to process physical cancellations until, obviously, the restrictions are lifted. But anyone stuck in this situation can have their preorder cancelled by calling the EB Games support line on 13 39 30 and talking it out.

Telstra’s reportedly giving people the same advice through their online chat support for anyone who tried to secure a launch day Xbox Series X through the Xbox All Access program. Telstra hasn’t provided a comment as to what Victorians are supposed to do, since they can’t cancel their preorders in store either.

I’ve reached out to Telstra for a comment, and I’ll update this story when they get a reply. Either way, it’s a curious dilemma and a great find by Stevivor, so go give them a click. I’m sure there’s legal reasons for why the instore cancellations are necessary — proof of ID or some other kind of government-ID verification before the order can be cancelled. Either way, here’s hoping everyone involved makes the process a little more manageable.


  • Look I don’t want to stir anything up but unfortunately I’ve had to take EB Games to fair trading this year as well as a couple other purchases made this year and after having to do extensive research on consumer Law for myself to fight these absoloutely absurd matters – For Australians under consumer Law it is your right to request a refund for a product or service which has yet to be fulfilled as long as you can provide proof of purchase and now that could even be just the bank statement details for that specific transaction will suffice and technically under consumer Law they have to abide – simply put no ifs huts or go into your store to cancel nothing like that whatever is their policies with how their cancellations work on their system or whatever that is none of your responsibility as an Australian consumer by law – good to see that you guys at Kotaku seem to care rather than just spreading news

  • Im sorry but it is thoroughly clear why all the pre-orders were handled online… the hint is in your next paragraph, a little thing called a pandemic! While the online thing was a mess it was still way less messy than it would have been in person., as there wont be a rush to cancel preorders it makes sense why cancelling is okay to be done in store.

  • some Telstra shops are open in Victoria
    it is a very limited capacity than what is usual due to restrictions in Victoria

    just need to call the shop you want to go to and arrange an appointment

  • It wasn’t canceling an Xbox or PS5 pre-order, but I did cancel a game recently via the Support email (couldn’t get someone answering on their national Support phone number), who told me to ring my local EB direct (Southland, VIC) – they were still answering their phone, and processed it immediately.

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