Cyberpunk 2077’s Latest Patch Resolves The PC Save File Size Limit

Cyberpunk 2077’s Latest Patch Resolves The PC Save File Size Limit
Look, it's been a rough few weeks. Let's all have an unrelated chuckle at how silly V looks jumping in third-person. (Screenshot: CD Projekt Red / Kotaku)

It’s no secret that Cyberpunk 2077 is plagued by a raft of technical issues, particularly on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Today, CD Projekt Red released another hotfix for the troubled game, aiming to address some of those issues, including the seemingly arbitrary filesize limit placed on PC save files.

As Kotaku Australia reported, PC players could see their save data corrupted if the save file grew beyond 8MB. The endless quest for cash proved a major factor in hitting that ceiling. Crafting and disassembling in-game items seems to cause Cyberpunk save files to swell in the process, and if they hit that 8MB limit, game over. Today’s 1.06 hotfix claims it will prevent this from arising in the future on PC, but won’t salvage any saves that have already been corrupted.

Console players — those who’ve experienced the worst of Cyberpunk’s woes — should also get a little relief. Today’s patch “improves memory management and stability,” and should hopefully “result in fewer crashes.” CD Projekt Red did not name any specific crashes, but the patch is quite large. The Xbox version, for instance, clocks in at 15.3GB.

It’s certainly been a whitewater-rapid two weeks for Cyberpunk 2077. On December 14, CDPR apologised for the game’s subpar state on previous-gen consoles and offered refunds for the game, directing players to Sony and Microsoft’s digital marketplaces. Securing such a refund, however, was a different matter, with Sony outright refusing to issue any and Microsoft playing by inconsistent rules. Late last week, Sony reversed course and pulled the game from the PlayStation Store, offering players full refunds for the game. (My own refund took four days to go through.) Microsoft followed suit. GameStop, too, bucking the retailer’s long-standing policy of denying refunds to any player trying to return an opened game.

In the short-to-medium term, CDPR promises “two large patches” are coming to the game, one in January and another in February. Despite it all, the game is reportedly a runaway financial success. CDPR estimates Cyberpunk 2077 has sold 13 million copies, a figure that may or may not account for all of the refunds that have been issued.

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  • day one patch + 3 hotfixes and the game is only 2 weeks old, at christmas time? the haters better kick their crying into high gear or there wont be any bugs left to feel victimised over.

    • Haters still have a right, it was not one, but 4 of the worse console ports of a AAA since Warner Bros outsourced a Batman game.

      That said, I am impressed that they are delivering priority hotfixes for a save game corruption bug so quickly… it took over 3 weeks for Ubisoft to fix Watch Dogs Legion save bug.

  • Bought the game this morning on PC, installed the latest patch only to be met with “Whoa, Cyberpunk 2077 has flatlined!” when I try to launch it.

    Refund pending.

    • Patched it this morning on GOG, booted it up now after reading your comment. Running fine. Synced with the cloud straight away after closing.

      • Enjoy! I can’t play unfortunately so I’ll reconsider purchasing it at a later date when they seem to have stability.

          • @simocrates, are you overclocking anything? only ask because i had issues with Mount and Blade 2 when it launched in EA due to my new rig’s overclocking.

          • Updated everything including os and drivers, I don’t overclock anything and I meet all the required specs. Just isn’t my time I guess. I’m confident there is a great game in there, I’ll just have to wait a while longer.

        • disappointing. my experience so far after ~40 hours is not one of calling this the best game ever. theres so many things i would change, primarily the crafting and levelling system. i did however go into this game rather blind. i never watched any trailers, never read any pre release articles etc. i do this for any game i may be interested in.
          apart from a few immersion breaking bugs, but as yet not a game breaking one, id rank this game close but not quite there on a scale of 0-mass effect.
          the world though gets a huge score from me. i recently opened up the whole map, and decided to take a drive around the loop motorway. ive seen people try to say “well spiderman works on a ps4” (as justification that this game should work better on really old consoles) but when you actually look at the city in cyberpunk, you see theres more in 1 square km than there is in the entire spiderman map (at least until you hit the outskirts of night city, then you see how dead it is).
          hope you get to play it soon!

  • And they’ve just issued my refund (very promptly after telling them I was putting a chargeback notice through)! Yay! I will now stop whinging so vehemently.

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