Win A 48-Inch LG CX OLED TV For Your PS5, Xbox Series X Or PC! (Last Day!)

Win A 48-Inch LG CX OLED TV For Your PS5, Xbox Series X Or PC! (Last Day!)
Image: LG

Now that some of you have got your next-gen consoles — or you’ve just built a nice next-gen PC rig — it’s time to sit down and enjoy some games. And if you’re going to enjoy your games, why not do it on a nice, bright 48-inch LG CX OLED TV?

That’s the prize we’re giving away this time, and it’s a hell of an early Christmas gift. Just look at the specs: the LG 48-inch CX OLED comes with G-SYNC compatibility for PC gaming, variable refresh rate support for a better console experience, HDMI 2.1 support for that 4K/120Hz experience, HGiG support and Auto Low Latency Mode.

It’s the same great feature set as the OLED TV we gave away earlier this year, but the 48-inch TV is a much better fit for PC gamers and smaller spaces. So it’s a cracking prize to win.

But how do you win, I hear you ask.

Easy. As before, you’ll see a small widget below where you can enter your details. We’ll need your name and email address, as we’ll have to contact the winner so LG can, y’know, send you the TV.

You’ll have to follow the Kotaku Australia Twitch channel and newsletter through the widget below. The widget will ask for permission, and then you’ll be able to answer the following question: What is your ideal next-gen gaming experience?

You have 250 words to play with here, so be as imaginative as possible. Something retro that you want to see remastered and completely reimagined? Great. A full expansion of VR and AR for a world we’ve never seen before? Love it. Whatever you think your ideal next-gen gaming experience would be, tell us and you’ll go into the running for a cracking TV.

Win A Next-Gen 48-Inch LG OLED TV Worth $2,799!

If you want to read the the full terms and conditions, you can do so HERE. Good luck everyone! Your entries last time around were phenomenal, and I’m looking forward to another dose of your creativity.


    • Hopefully me in about a month’s time depending on me winning and not having any delays with shipping due to, ya know (gestures at everything going on in the world around us).

  • Had to reset my password to twitch. What is their problem with easily guessable passwords? If I want to use something easy, it should be my choice. I had to rack my brains to come up with something memorable.


    Just let me use Twitch1 goddamnit and let me be done with it. Who’s going to hack my twitch account anyway… it’s a FREE account, they can have it! I will just sign up a new one. And follow Kotaku with it of course. OF COURSE!

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