What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Sometimes weekends are good for video games. And other times, they’re good for just getting your shit in order.

A fair amount of my time’s going to be occupied with family — few plans over Christmas got disrupted, as you’d expect. But in between all of that, I’ve gotten a bunch of new IKEA desks and storage to work on a little project.

I’ve wanted to do a huge rework of my home PC/office “space” for a while, including a complete rework of my monitor setup. I’d love to have everything properly on VESA mounts rather than stands. I’ve always wanted to have one monitor in portrait mode for when I’m writing (especially for work), but also to be able to very simply move it away when I need to do Photoshop work, video editing, gaming or what have you.

(I’m also not expecting the actual work of IKEA building to be particularly difficult. People make it out to be vastly more difficult than it is, but I’ve also gotten some desks that are particularly simple: a top and four legs that just screw right in. No fancy nonsense necessary.)

So that’ll be fun and just a good bit of clearing out. Beyond that, I’ll probably be smashing out a bit more League of Legends: Wild Rift on the phone, as that’s an excellent way to burn 15 or 20 minutes at a time when you’ve got a background TV show on.

What are you playing this weekend?


  • The same thing I’ve been playing for the last 192 hours of gameplay (including 6 hours sorting my storage the other night)… Cyberpunk 2077!

    I’m guessing I’m roughly 1/2 way through Act 2, and finding it one of the best RPGs I’ve played. I likely won’t, but I’m hoping to get it done by Sunday night when the kitten I’ve adopted is coming over. Coincidentally enough her name is Valerie, which means that the monthly comic I get done will need to be a Judy, V and Valerie one. XD

    • I’ve completed pretty much everything except for a few of the open world NCPD bits and those stupid cars which really need different icons to all the other side-jobs and after close to 150hrs, it’s easily game of the year… but there’s also so much I wish they’d fix/improve/add. I have a wishlist. First thing I wanted to do after finishing was go create another V and rectify some of the mistakes I made in game choices, but I’m thinking I’ll wait until there’s a new patch for PS5 to get the most out of it. Maybe I’ll even get to have a NewGame+!

  • I picked up Planet Coaster, Two Point Hospital and House Flipper in the last Steam Sale, so… probably Minecraft. Because who actually plays games they buy on Steam, am I right? lol But no, really. Probably Planet Coaster. I’ve been wanting to play that for aaaages and they recently (in November) released it for Mac, so finally, I can play it. I’m gonna binge some let’s plays of the game and then get stuck into designing a park. Fun!

    • Your comments reminds me of the free games on the Epic Games Store. I try to go on and get them ever since the store launched, but the only game that I’ve actually played from there was one I bought. This is in spite of having 133 free games in my library there!

      • Yes! I’m the same. I have managed to get most games they have given away on there, but the majority are windows only, even though there are Mac versions available elsewhere. So most of them I can’t play. But. There are some that I could, and I should be all over them, but still, they remain uninstalled.

        Except for maybe Wilmot’s Warehouse I think its called. Which for anyone who is interested and has a compulsion to keep things orderly and sorted and tidy and neat I do recommend but with the warning that it will drive you crazy after a while.

      • Speaking of, the Crying Suns game on there today seems pretty ace. My brother was pointing me to it because Battlefront 2 is coming, but I already have various copies of it and don’t care. This indie gem, though? Intriguing!

  • Assassin Creed Valhalla is too big at the moment, so I only really play the Opal Quests
    Cyberpunk 2077 is one game I should really get into
    Stardew Valley is currently bugged so I need to fix that one (Mods)
    Fallout 4 Mod Testing
    and finally Grinding Project Wingman for cash

  • Pretty much done with Cyberpunk for now (gonna give it some time for my second run), and have been handily distracted by Star Renegades on Game Pass just now. It’s a very cool turn-based/time-management tactics scifi RPG and I am digging the music and pixelart. I’m also likely to put a bit more time into Drake Hollow’s very Fortnite-looking base-building/pokemon/defence/exploration game (also Game Pass!), but it feels very early access at the moment.

    My partner and I have been watching some streamers play Terraria, so we’re all caught up in doing that together when available, too.

  • If ‘America’ Season 4 stops being so compelling I might have time to finally boot Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Otherwise I might continue with Ori, or Creaks. Dunno. The cricket is on, so maybe I’ll watch that.

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