Alien Isolation And One Of Australia’s Greatest Games Is Free From Today

Alien Isolation And One Of Australia’s Greatest Games Is Free From Today
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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: you can build a perfect good gaming library by having a free Epic Games account and just collecting the extras that pop up every week. And from today, Epic’s free inclusions are two bonafide bangers: one of the greatest Australian games and the greatest Alien game, Alien: Isolation.

Alien Isolation, a game that Creative Assembly believed in so much they built it in secret after SEGA first shot their pitch down, and Hand of Fate 2 have been announced as the latest weekly freebies on the Epic Games Store. Both are games that, honestly, most people should own anyway. Isolation might not be everyone’s brand of horror, but it’s worth the playthrough even from an educational standpoint to see where so many games since have drawn inspiration. Even the sound design today is still phenomenal, and most modern gaming PCs should have no problem cranking it up to 4K or even beyond.

alien isolation
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Hand of Fate 2, on the other hand, is a great Aussie entry into the world of roguelikes that blends modern combat mechanics with deckbuilding, elements of tabletop gaming and one of the best voice over efforts of the last several years.

If you enjoyed the original Hand of Fate, the sequel is just more, better done. The RNG is relatively fair and manageable throughout, especially in the non-combat encounters or the treasure hunting elements where you’re dodging traps and spikes. The structure of the campaign in the sequel is vastly improved, too.

All of this would be neat if you were getting these games on discount, especially something as genre defining as Alien: Isolation. But they’ll both be free on the Epic Games Store from today. Conversely, that means you have 24 hours left to pick up Pillars of the Earth and The First Tree, two games offering more of a sedate experience.

To add the games to your library forever — you don’t need to download them, either — just head here or navigate to the free games section via the Epic Games client.

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