Babies Love High Kicks

Babies Love High Kicks

This week on Snapshots get ready for some action! Get ready for some speed! Get ready for some… dead birds? Sure. That too. This week has some great screenshots from games like Resident Evil Village, New Pokemon Snap, and Far Cry 4.

Horizon: Zero Dawn (Screenshot: Heath Gardner (Email))Horizon: Zero Dawn (Screenshot: Heath Gardner (Email))
Ghost of Tsushima (Screenshot: Scotty Oka (Email))Ghost of Tsushima (Screenshot: Scotty Oka (Email))
New Pokemon Snap (Screenshot: Chris Blume (Email))New Pokemon Snap (Screenshot: Chris Blume (Email))

“KICK MORE! MORE KICKS!” Kid, I’m tired. Give me a moment to drink some more Monster and take a wicked piss. Then, only then, can I kick some more dudes.

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