Boost Your Switch’s Storage For A Killer Bargain

Boost Your Switch’s Storage For A Killer Bargain
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You would think that with all of their fancy, new technology, the newest generation of consoles would have adequate storage space. But you’d be wrong. And while you can never have too many games on your Switch, you can absolutely run out of room. So what can you do to stop capping your Nintendo Switch’s storage?

You expand that piddly internal 32GB of storage with a beast of a micro SD card, is what.

There’s a cracking deal on offer today for Switch fans who can’t get enough games on their console. You can grab a 256GB SanDisk Ultra Micro SD card for a nice $45.99, which should cover just about every game you’d ever want to download on the Switch. That’s a neat $33 off of the usual RRP of $79.

If you like all of your Switch gear to have Nintendo’s seal of approval, SanDisk’s officially co-branded micro SD card (256GB) is going for $64.40. That’s not a bad price, considering Officeworks is selling it for almost $100 more.

Both of these SanDisk micro SD cards have a read speed of 100MB/s, which is the maximum that the Switch can support.

If you want a bit more storage for your Nintendo Switch, the 512GB capacity version of Samsung’s EVO Plus micro SD card is going for $96.28. Australian retailers like Bing Lee and Officeworks have this micro SD listed in the range of $139 to $149, so you’d be saving up to $50 with this deal.

Speaking of deals, Amazon has just recently announced that Prime Day 2021 will be taking place from June 21. The sale is set to run for 65 hours, and if last year’s deals are anything to go by, there should be bargains a plenty.

You might even be able to score a better deal on micro SD cards for your Nintendo Switch, not to mention discounts for a range of games and accessories.

These deals are only available to Amazon Prime members, so make sure you’ve signed up before the day arrives. Amazon does offer a free 30-day trial, which means you can sign up to grab some bargains, and then cancel your subscription before your first monthly bill comes through.


  • I’ve been using a 200GB card and hadn’t really run into many issues with space until recently (I keep buying shit and leaving it installed), so double that space for $80? Yeah, I’m interested…

  • Considering a bunch of the Amazon reviews say the card is fake and is only 32gb, I’m going to pass on this “deal.” Maybe those reviews are wrong or fake. But I’m not taking that chance.

    • I’ve just swapped over the listing to one sold direct by Amazon and not some other seller. I hadn’t seen that in the update today, so apologies, but check it again and you should find that it’s OK now. (It’s the same microSD card I use in my Switch, so shouldn’t be a problem.)

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