Fanatical’s Summer Sale Has A Great Deal On Ace Attorney Chronicles

Fanatical’s Summer Sale Has A Great Deal On Ace Attorney Chronicles
Image: The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles
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It might not be summer in Australia, but that doesn’t mean we can’t reap the benefits of those juicy Summer Sales still rolling on in other regions. Fanatical is the latest PC game retailer to throw its hat into the sales arena, and it’s coming in hot with killer deals on titles like The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, The Ascent and all those pesky Jackbox game packs which have gotten many of us through multiple lockdowns.

There’s also deals on Darksiders Genesis, Two Point Hospital, The Forgotten City, SpongeBob Squarepants, Death Stranding, Humankind and more. Plenty to keep you going in your down time!

If you’re somebody who likes a bit of a (responsible) gamble, Fanatical also has a bunch of new mystery packs on the menu including the latest Golden Mystery Bundle, which could yield something great from $1.39 upwards. These tend to be hit and miss, but you can grab a bargain if you’re lucky.

Here’s all the best PC game deals you should check out in the latest Fanatical Summer Sale:

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Image: Kotaku Australia / Neon Giant

You can check out the rest of the 2,500+ deals here or run through the list of top sellers here to see if anything catches your fancy.

Whether you’re currently stuck in lockdown or living free, bumping up your PC game library is always a good time.

If you spot anything you like or have recommendations for your fellow Kotaku Australia readers, pop on down to the comments below.

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