Level Up Your Phone With These Mobile Gaming Accessories

Level Up Your Phone With These Mobile Gaming Accessories
Image: iStock/RyanKing999

With mobile gaming on the rise, the industry has come a long way from the likes of Flappy Bird and Temple Run. While those games could easily be played with one thumb, nowadays more competitive games need a bit of an “oomph” if you want to have any kind of upper hand.

Aside from having a phone with power to ensure your games will run smoothly without nuking your battery life, it never hurts to look to the market to see how your experience can be heightened. When it comes to mobile gaming, there are a few accessories you need that will really take your play to the next level. Whether you enjoy playing good ol’ Fortnite, Call of Duty or Minecraft, none of these games would be as easy to play on your phone without a compatible controller or joystick.

Below, we’ve rounded up the must-have accessories for mobile gaming you need if you want to take your experience from good to great.

This mobile phone controller by Razer

Razer mobile gaming controller
Image: Razer

The first phone accessory is the most obvious: to bypass all the tapping, you need to get your hands on a mobile gaming controller.

This universal controller by Razer brings console-level finesse anywhere you go. Compatible with Cloud gaming services including Xbox Game Pass, Stadia and Steamlink, the Razer Kishi will let you play all of your favourite games and more. Its clickable analog thumbsticks allow for greater in-game accuracy and convenience so you can shoot ’em up without breaking a sweat. Unlike most mobile gaming controllers, since it connects directly into your phone’s charging port, you won’t have to worry about any lag.

You can get the Android-compatible version here for $110.06 or the iPhone model here for $123.66.

You can also try this version with a backbone here for $187.95.

These finger sleeves

Finger sleeves
Image: Newseego

If you’re already know your way around a few mobile games, then you’ll know that sometimes your fingers can get stuffy. We’re talking about how your fingers can sometimes get surprisingly sweaty after awhile and leave smudge marks all over your screen. By playing with a pair of finger sleeves, you’ll find that any sweat is immediately absorbed and you won’t have to worry about leaving moisture on your phone screen any longer.

Thanks to their non-slip texture, these finger sleeves are also great for avoiding operational errors so you can enjoy a smoother gaming experience.

Shop this 6-pack here for $34.54.

This 8BitDo Bluetooth controller 

The 8BitDo is a handy mobile gaming controller
Image: 8BitDo

If you love being transported back in time, you’ll love this retro 8BitDo Bluetooth controller. Compatible with both Android and various consoles like your Nintendo Switch, this mobile gaming controller gives you a vintage feel but with modern experience.

Boasting flexible joy-sticks, an ergonomic design and scratch-resistant ABS shell, this wireless controller will give you a smooth mobile gaming experience online and a nostalgic kick.

Relive your childhood with the 8BitDo SN30 Pro Bluetooth controller here for $77.95.

This screen magnifier

Image: dizaul

If you’re committed to playing on your smartphone, but tired of concentrating on its itty bitty screen, then a screen magnifier is just what you need.

This screen magnifier works like a mini projector. Simply unfold your screen amplifier, place your phone on the stand towards the back and voila. You can even pair the screen amplifier with a wireless keyboard to turn your smartphone into a portable gaming station.

Shop it here for $40.23.

This mobile gaming clip by Otterbox

Mobile gaming clip allows you to add on a controller
Image: Otterbox

If you’d prefer to use your favourite Xbox controller, then this mobile gaming clip will allow you to keep on keeping on.

Otterbox‘s sturdy clip allows you to securely convert your smartphone into a mini console, so you can play any of your favourite shooters on the go.

Get this mobile gaming accessory here for $39.95.

This pair of Razer Hammerhead True Wireless earbuds

Razer wireless earbuds
Image: Razer

As far as gaming brands go, Razer has well-established itself as a reliable go-to for accessories. Just like with many of their products, this pair of wireless earbuds have been equipped with all the specifications and features you’d look for in a pair of gaming earphones.

It features an ultra-low latency connection, 13mm drivers, a touch-enabled interface, voice-control and Bluetooth-compatible auto-pairing. Oh, and it’s water resistant.

Shop Razer’s wireless earphones here for $120.71.

A micro SD card

Extreme MicroSD card
Image: SanDisk

Considering that most mobile phones have an internal storage capacity starting from 128GB, you’d be surprised how quickly that can fill up when your whole life is contained in a single device. From your photo library to your social media apps and your expansive gaming library, a micro SD card is a godsend when your smartphone gives you the dreaded “Memory is full”.

SanDisk is a fantastic provider of micro SD cards that will help you expand your internal storage. The SanDisk Extreme Pro was rated A2 in terms of faster app loading and performance making it the ideal choice to store your favourite mobile games.

Shop it here for $34.40 (down from $80.82).

Other mobile gaming accessories worth considering

Blue light glasses
Image: Cyxus

With all that gaming, you’re bound to clock up hours upon hours of screen time. But to ensure you protect your vision, you’re going to need a pair of blue light filtering glasses (in case you’re not already myopic). You see, prolonged exposure to HEV blue light can eventually result in blurred vision and eye strain. With this pair of blue light glasses by Cyxus (available for $32.99) you can minimise the risk of common problems while gaming, such as fatigue and headaches as well.

Next, it’s a good idea to keep you phone screen shiny and smudge-free, especially after grinding away for hours each day. For $8.99, you can get a set of 10 microfiber cleaning cloths that are so gentle, they won’t leave any marks or scratches on the glass.


  • As an owner of Kishi controller, be aware theres a few games (and occasionally via xbox gamepass/steam link) where only a bluetooth controller will be detected. Kishi can be used if another bluetooth controller is also connected to trigger the controller connectivity requirement.
    TL;DR – Great when its allowed to work, buyer beware

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