ScribbleTaku 2

ScribbleTaku 2
Image: Ruby Innes / Kotaku Australia

Sorry about last week, I really did a number on Kirby.

But yes, if you didn’t get it, the cursed face put onto the little guy that’s shaped like a friend was none other than the Gaping Dragon from Dark Souls. The Gaping Dragon is a distant descendant of the Everlasting Dragons and is found in the Depths, near the gate to Blighttown. He is an abomination and probably has a foul stench. Nothing like Kirby.

Shouts out to transientmind, who nailed it very quickly. And shouts out to everyone else for being rightfully horrified.

This next one is another real life fella. He’s considered a Hollywood sweetheart and despite being in a game, does not actually like playing games and reportedly didn’t play the game he was in (despite the developer saying he did).

Who is this guy?


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