ScribbleTaku 2

ScribbleTaku 2
Image: Ruby Innes / Kotaku Australia

Happy Kirby day, my lovelies. Hope you’re all having a very ‘poyo’ day.

In last week’s Scribbletaku, I poked fun at a broken man. Broken in both spirit and user interface, if you press X to Jason enough. Of course, last week’s Scribbletaku was Heavy Rain, a game where you just can’t keep track of your darn sons! Although I am not a father myself, when I played this game for the first time I thought to myself, ‘If I were this fella, I’d keep an eye out after the first time.’ But alas, evil people do evil things. It can’t be avoided sometimes. I also laughed at the sex scene, because sex is funny to me and it looked goofy.

ScribbleTaku 2
Gif: SIE

Yet again, you all had very topical and funny answers, and you know I love to see it. Mad Danny jumped on the reference first, and mirihawke swooped in the with title next, so shouts out to you both!

This next Scribbletaku is a teensy bit different, as I felt like just my scribbling wouldn’t do the game justice. Alas, it might make it a bit easier to spot, but I love to have fun and do what I want. What’s this game?


  • Pretty sure it’s one of the Spongebob games. Either that or Subnautica I suspect, but Spongebob definitely seems like the right call especially with the second panel.

  • That’s the same comment I have before entering ever underwater level in any game… then someone built a whole game that’s under water level. Argh!

    • P.S. Unknown Worlds next game is an unknown title for their parent company, the makers of PUBG. So no clue what it will be or if they will ever make a Sub3

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