The Best Gaming And Tech Deals Still Available During Click Frenzy Mayhem

The Best Gaming And Tech Deals Still Available During Click Frenzy Mayhem
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Click Frenzy Mayhem 2022 will be ending at midnight tonight and with it, taking thousands of deals with it. With the sheer amount of offers available, it’s not too late to find a solid deal on something you either want or need.

Here’s everything you need to know about the massive sale event.

When is Click Frenzy Mayhem 2022?

Click Frenzy Mayhem started at 7pm (AEST) Tuesday 24 May and will run until midnight tonight (May 26), which means there’s only a few hours left to snap up a deal.

Click Frenzy will also be offering its iconic Go Nuts 99% Off Deals, which has featured a PlayStation 5 for $5, a pair of Samsung Galaxy Buds Live for $3 and an Apple Macbook Air 13″ for $19 so far.

You’ll need to have a Click Frenzy membership to access any of these Go Nuts deals when they go live, so be sure to sign up for free beforehand so you don’t miss out. Stock for these deals will be limited and considering the size of the discounts, expect them to sell out fast.

You can keep track of these Go Nuts offers through Click Frenzy’s emails and social media. This membership will also give you access to all of these deals 30 minutes before the event officially starts.

What deals are available during Click Frenzy Mayhem 2022?

Click Frenzy Mayhem computer and gaming deals

click frenzy switch controller
Image: iStock/Wachiwit

Click Frenzy Mayhem headphones deals

click frenzy sony
Image: Sony

Click Frenzy Mayhem tech and home appliance deals

click frenzy dyson
Image: Dyson

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  • I was hoping for something VR or maybe the 38″ LG. That being said, think I want to hold out for the HDR 600 version of the LG rather than the Gsync one.

  • tbh I was hoping for deals that you normally wouldn’t get simply by going outside a manufacturers homepage, but no they’re all pretty poor deals you can get at other times.

  • In this current climate, that HP Gaming Desktop is actually a pretty decent deal. I mean I’m not in the market for a desktop atm.. but if you wanted a good CPU + GPU + Decent amount of memory and HDD space… 2500 + is about what you’d be paying.

    • I don’t know, a 2080ti is still a solid card, and it’s not like 9th gen i7s are bad, but you could easily get something almost as good for $1500 or less if you’re looking at used towers (yeah, not for everyone, but you get a great deal doing it).

      I got a PC with a Ryzen 2700x, GTX1080, 16 gigs of 3000mhz RAM (still plenty for games and most of my productivity stuff, but might upgrade to 4 channel 32gb in future for video editing etc. with another 16gb kit) and a 500gb NVME boot drive for about $1400. I added a new 4tb 2.5″ SSD for mass storage that cost about $600, and while the specs aren’t quite as good I end up with a (subjectively) much nicer case, a beast of a power supply (previous owner was paranoid, no-one needs a 1000w platinum PSU for a system like that), nice optional extras like a capture card and a blu ray / DVD combo ddrive and 4 times the storage. Yes, it’s used, but in my eyes $2500 is the right price for a PC like this considering the launch of the 3000 series GPUs and 10th gen Intel on the horizon, if it really typically costs $1,500 more that’s a terrible rip off.

      • I’ve got a Dell gaming rig thats done the job for the past ~3 years. Those gaming laptops arent a bad option. Having said that, its time to upgrade. 1050Ti with 16 Gb RAM is starting to age.

        Which means something that will last a few years, and that rules out a 2080 based machine totally for me. I worry that they will age a lot faster than normal, and fall into a hole between a 1080 basic rig, and a 3070 starter gamer rig. I dont see them as being good value now the 30xx series is out.

        So I’m eyeing off something like a 3070, 64 Gb RAM (because I can, plus there will be some editing needs), and probably a Gen 9 CPU. Not sure on storage yet, but I’m thinking 2 SSD’s (one boot, one gaming) and a 2 Tb HDD as well. Plus the usual bits and bobs.

        That looks like a hell of a fast combo to me with the 30xx card, lots of RAM, and SSD’s. Gonna cost me though, but I think I can get it done for a little over $3000.

        • Yeah, the 2080 was only barely more than a 1080 with the addition of kind of bad ray tracing, it definitely wasn’t great value, and now the 3070 looks incredible – that’d definitely be my pick of the current GPUs too. I’m curious – if you’re doing some editing etc. I imagine AMD offers much more performance per dollar – have you had a bad experience with them? The new Ryzen CPUs look incredible and the older Zen 2 CPUs will probably have some good deals going on now / soon.

          Personally for a new system I’d be looking at a 5800x, but admitedly there are still little issues with AMD here and there, I understand why people would prefer Intel.

          • No real reason to stick with Intel, I’ve just been Intel for so long that its an automatic thing. Last time I had an AMD was the 1990’s. They went bad for a while after that, or at least less competitive, and I’ve never really felt a desire to go back. Intel’s have more than done the job for me since.

            I might still put a 10th gen in, I dont know. There are less 9th gen’s around than I thought, and the 10700’s arent THAT much more than my usual range.

            And for this rig price really wont be an issue. One positive out of this horrible year is that lockdown let me save plenty of coin, so dropping $3k or $4k on a machine isnt a problem.

            But its still more or less in the planning stage at the moment. Until the 3070’s become more available it really doesnt matter. And by the time they do you know things will be different any way.

          • Fair enough, there’s definitely nothing wrong with Intel, and if money isn’t a worry price / performance isn’t really a factor.

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