Hell Yeah: Screen Australia Pledges Additional $3M To Aussie Game Studios

Hell Yeah: Screen Australia Pledges Additional $3M To Aussie Game Studios

Local legend Screen Australia has announced it has pledged an additional $3 million fund to support more Australian game studios within the next year.

The institution announced in a press release on Tuesday it would be reopening its Games: Expansion Pack fund. The fund supports emerging or small to medium independent studios working on games with budgets below $500,000. Selected studios will receive grants of up to $150,000. You love to see it.

This includes games made for PC, mobile, VR systems and consoles. Applications will be reportedly assessed by the creativity and entertainment value of the project, as well as the likelihood of the budget and financial plans and the extent of gender equity and diversity of people and experiences reflected in the project and its creative leads.

Screen Australia’s Head of Online Lee Naimo said in the statement there was “great momentum” within the local games industry, noting that games made in Australia had punched above their weight internationally. Some of these include Melbourne-based studio Massive Monster’s Cult of the Lamb, House House’s Untitled Goose Game and Route 59’s Necrobarista.

“The Australian games sector is punching above its weight internationally and we are delighted to re-open this fund to support more Australian developers build sustainable businesses and reach worldwide audiences with their original games,” they said.

“We saw an incredible volume and quality of applications in our first round of funding from all over Australia, and there is fantastic support from state government agencies as well. So we can’t wait to see what more distinct, smart and fun ideas come through in the year ahead.”

“The Australian Government is committed to supporting the Australian digital games sector – to create, innovate and flourish and achieve its full potential,” added Federal Minister for the Arts Tony Burke.

Screen Australia’s Games: Expansion Pack fund first supported 30 Aussie projects with over $4 million in March 2022. Some of the games that received funding include Future Folklore, a Victorian-made dystopian crafting game from a First Nations Australian perspective about reviving the bush and love for Country as well as Earthlingo, a language-learning RPG made in Perth.


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