Yorkshire Tea Is Selling PS5 And Xbox Controllers For An Astronomical Price

Yorkshire Tea Is Selling PS5 And Xbox Controllers For An Astronomical Price

Reader, we’ve covered branded controllers before. Ruby famously wrote about the be-furred Sonic 2 monstrosities. She followed that up with another branded Sonic controller, the one that had quills. And look, they may not get much weirder than these, but they can get more confusing (and expensive).

Behold, the Yorkshire Tea PS5 and Xbox controllers.

Image: Yorkshire Tea, POPeART

These controllers are just wrap-jobs by POPeART, a creator that has been making custom controllers for quite a while. They are clearly designed to mimic a box of Yorkshire Tea bags with a few white and black accents on the buttons and a cheeky sheep or two. While the PS5 controller’s styling resembles a lot of other custom designs — branded touch pad, coloured outer faceplate, block colour inner faceplate — the Xbox’s uneven styling feels a bit too chaotic for my taste. It looks like someone dipped the controller in wax. Don’t know how I feel about it.

The PS5 and Xbox controllers are being sold through the official Yorkshire Tea store and are (scandalously) only available in the UK. Adding insult to injury, they also cost a fortune. These controllers are £150.00 each. One Hundred And Fifty Pound Sterling each. That’s $AU288 per controller.

Before shipping.

Yorkshire. This is madness. 290 clams? Not even a nice soothing cuppa can lessen the body blow of pricing like that. This is a meme controller at best, not a collector’s item. You are not fooling anyone here.

If you want to inspect the controllers yourself, you can do so at the official Yorkshire Tea website.

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