Hi-Fi Rush Datamine Appears To Suggest Impending PS5 And Switch Releases

Hi-Fi Rush Datamine Appears To Suggest Impending PS5 And Switch Releases

Hi-Fi Rush is coming up on its first anniversary since launching as a PC and Xbox exclusive. Now, a new data mine of the game’s minor anniversary update seems to suggest the rhythm action game could be coming to PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch after all.

Hi-Fi Rush developer Tango Gameworks dropped an anniversary update recently to celebrate a year since release, but dataminers are claiming several uncovered t-shirt designs point to the title making its way beyond PC and Xbox. This isn’t the first time rumours that the (currently) Microsoft exclusive would be breaking out onto other platforms, after insider Nate the Hate claimed in January that Microsoft planned to bring one of its “more acclaimed first-party releases to a competitor system” this year.

So far, there’s been no official confirmation from the Hi-Fi Rush devs or Microsoft itself to back up this report. However, thanks to the recent datamined shirt designs (via Wario64), it looks like this rumour isn’t going away anytime soon.

The Hi-Fi Rush update in question, Patch 7, includes an Anniversary T-Shirt bundle with new designs. Four will be available to all players, while three are platform exclusives (Xbox, Steam, and Epic Games Store respectively). The dataminers found two other T-shirt designs not currently available. Its these they believe could be platform exclusives for Switch and PlayStation 5.

The two designs in question are close matches to PlayStation and Nintendo’s branding colours. One of the designs, which is a very familiar red and white reads, “Rock out! Anywhere.”It matches the colour scheme of the Switch and screams portability, thus Hi-Fi Rush fans think it’s a Nintendo exclusive. The other is blue (suggesting PlayStation) and says, “I’m here baby!”.  For comparison, the Xbox exclusive shirt design is in their recognisable green and says, “Shadow Dropped.” This is a pretty clear reference to the game’s surprise shadow drop during the 2023 Developer Direct.

While unused blue and red T-shirt designs aren’t an official confirmation, they add extra weight to ongoing Hi-Fi Rush rumours. The game was lauded for its colourful art style and rhythm gameplay and enjoyed a lot of love from players. So, if Nate the Hate’s comments are correct, the title does sit squarely within “more acclaimed first party releases.”  

It’s possible these designs are old and from abandoned plans to port to other platforms, or are entirely unrelated to Hi-Fi Rush coming to different consoles. We’ll have to wait and see if Tango Gameworks has any news to share with us throughout the year, and whether keen-eyed fans turn up any further evidence of a potential expansion beyond PC and Xbox going forward.

Image: Tango Gameworks

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