Fans Are So Hungry For Persona 6 They’re Excited About A Placeholder Logo

Fans Are So Hungry For Persona 6 They’re Excited About A Placeholder Logo

We’re all waiting with bated breath for news about Persona 6. We’ve been living in Persona 5’s world for nearly a decade, it’s time for Atlus to give us a new story about teenagers summoning demon versions of their inner selves to fight monsters. But right now, all we know about Persona 6 comes from leaks, including that the sixth game will use a green color scheme that follows the franchise’s trend: Persona 3 was blue, 4 was yellow, and 5 was red. If that’s the case, the same leaker who has reliably shared information from Sega and Atlus before may have also given us a glimpse at the upcoming game’s placeholder logo.

Midori, who has leaked Persona news like Persona 3 Reload’s The Answer DLC, has posted what they claim is a placeholder logo for Persona 6 Atlus is using during development. They repeatedly clarify that this will not likely be the logo we see in the final game, comparing it to a few we saw in early promotional material for Persona 5. The placeholder is pretty simple. Its bold, black text is displayed against a green background, with a P6 at the top that is interlocked. But given Midori already claimed the game would use a green color scheme, this image lines up with their previous leaks.

It’s not much, but fans are so hungry for a new Persona game that Atlus can mine for a decade of spin-offs, anime, and manga that even seeing an asset used during development is at least a sign of life. Though I’m also mostly ready for the next generation of Persona to begin, part of me is a little bummed that we didn’t get what felt like a proper send off for Persona 5’s Phantom Thieves after Royal. Strikers and Tactica were good but lacked the step forward of something like Persona 4 Arena or Persona 4 Dancing All Night for the last two casts. Is it too much to hope for another Persona 5 spin-off as we make the transition? Give me Persona 5 Arena, Atlus.

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