Cult Of The Lamb Adding Couch Co-Op Because Indoctrination Is Better With Friends

Cult Of The Lamb Adding Couch Co-Op Because Indoctrination Is Better With Friends

Cult of the Lamb is getting a new free update called Unholy Alliance in August, and beyond a heap of new content, we’re also getting multiplayer in the form of local co-op.

Announced during today’s Devolver Direct, the Cult of the Lamb Unholy Alliance update introduces a brand-new playable character and ally, the Goat in all its demon-eyed glory. With one player taking on the mantle of the Goat and the other inhabiting the role of the Lamb in local co-op, players will be able to cut down the heretics in dungeons, build up your cult, and play all of those addictive minigames (including fishing and knucklebones) in “new 2-player twists” on them.  The Lamb and the Goat will be able to swap weapons, fight back-to-back to deal extra damage, or land a critical hit when attacking in sync. 

Cult of the Lamb players have been asking about multiplayer functionality for a while now, with Massive Monster weighing in on the topic earlier this year. At the time during a Reddit AMA, the game’s art director James ‘Jimp’ Pearmain said it was something the team would “love to do in the future if possible, but right now, we are focused on making the next update.” Community manager Lorna P. also told fans it was “not off the table,” but the team was “just focused on new content for now.” It looks like the future is finally here, cult leaders.

Cult of the Lamb local co-op isn’t the only new thing coming in the Unholy Alliance update, with new tarot cards, buildings, follower traits and quests, and “other secrets to discover” also on the cards when the free update drops on August 12 for  PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S and Switch.

Cult of the Lamb Unholy Alliance local co-op Devolver Direct 2024
Image: Massive Monster / Devolver Digital

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Are you keen to get stuck into local co-op in Cult of the Lamb? The only downside is working out who gets to be the Lamb and who gets to be the Goat, really.

Image: Massive Monster / Devolver Digital / Kotaku Australia

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