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DeviantART artist Ann Marcellino's take on the Sailor Soldiers is really unique; they rather look like characters from a modern-day western cartoon than from an anime. The long awaited Sailor Moon reboot debuts on July 5 with an all new look, but I'd watch something like this as well to see how it turns out.


In Hong Kong, government-provided public services are considered pretty good. Supposedly, the social welfare net is also pretty good. Technically being part of China but with a passport that is accepted by many western countries, Hong Kong is overall a pretty good place to live.


Yesterday saw the release of Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix in Japan. And, as I plunged into the graphically remastered Disney/Square-Enix crossover, I couldn't help but think about the one thing the franchise needs more than anything else: more Scrooge McDuck.


I contend that one of Square Enix's finest acquisitions in 2010's take-over of Eidos Interactive was the six miniature trained killers of 2009's action-adventure, Mini Ninjas. Soon they will be an animated series, but for now they're an endless runner, and I've missed them so much.


You know what the most recognisable characters in mobile gaming are lacking? Character. Debuting March 16 and 17, Rovio's Angry Birds Toons series will define Red, Black, Blue, White, Yellow and the pigs by their story arcs instead of their parabolic arcs. Yeah, I've been waiting to use that forever.