Even When They’re Useless, Titans In Titanfall Are The Best

Aww. Look at the auto-Titans trying their best to protect their pilot — even if it means destroying themselves in the process. It’s the result of lacklustre artificial intelligence. But it’s also kind of endearing, don’t you think? They’re trying their best!

DayZ’s Mythbusters Could Save Your Life

No need to waste characters to try out whether shooting someone’s gun would kill its owner or not, how vaulting affects your fall, or whether crawling or rolling are faster. Here’s the first episode of DayZ Standalone Mythbusters, which will hopefully help extend your character’s life in Chernarus.

Black Ops II Myths Put To The Test

Black Ops II Myths Put To The Test

Finding out all the small, unexpected quirks of how different mechanics clash with each other in games is fascinating, and that’s basically the premise for all these Mythbuster-esque videos we regularly feature. Usually, it’s Halo 4. Not this time.