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Still Got Your Duke Nukem Receipt From 1997?

I loved the story of this ancient receipt from 2001, yellowed and crusty. The story of the ever-patient Slash000, still valiantly waiting, believing in Duke Nukem Forever. Well, now that the game is actually close to a genuine release, Gamestop in the US have confirmed that they will honour any pre-order for the game, no matter how far back it goes! We wondered if retailers in Australia would do the same thing…

Well, GAME, as a retailer is relatively new in this country, so we gave EB a buzz.

“We only got started here in Australia around 97,” said the EB rep, ” so we don’t really have any pre-orders from that time.

“In fact, we only started taking pre-orders for Duke Nukem Forever last year after the distributor confirmed it was going to be released! But look, as long as you have a receipt, even if you’ve had it for a long time, we will totally honour that pre-order. If that situation were to come up again, we’d totally do it.”

Ah well, there you have it. It’s extremely unlikely that anyone still has a pre-order for Duke Nukem Forever like Slash000, but if they were to have one, EB would honour it.

Good to know for any future vapourware releases!