What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Excuse the unoriginality, but Fallout 3 will once again be my game of the weekend.

As you know, I started a new game last weekend and have been struggling with my decision to not emulate the angelic actions of my first playthrough.

I'm at Level 8 now and just unlocked the Reaver achievement for reaching that level with Bad Karma. Admittedly, I've wavered at several points - taking pity on young Bryan Wilks, murdering the cannibalist residents of Andale and giving some purified water to poor wretch outside Tenpenny Tower - but on the whole it's not been too challenging to remain in the bad books.

Speaking of challenges - or rather the lack of - my return journey has been noticeably easier. Even though I opted to play on Hard this time, it's obvious the previous experience has left me too well-prepared. I'll be bumping it up another notch today and tackling the rest of the game on Very Hard. Anyone else found it too easy?

So while I'm trekking around the Wasteland, what will you be playing?


    Tabletop games (Zombies, Cthulhu 500, Kill Dr Lucky, Witch Trial, The Big Idea etc) at a national geek meet for Stardestroyer.net - what? We're all geeks here... Don't look at me like that.

    I'll be playin this one too! I have just got the DLC's for it so they'll keep me busy for a while :D

    Fallout 3 also!!!

    Hey - i remember reading on here a little while ago that fallout 3 will be re-released down under because red ant fell through or something like that? Does anyone remember the date?

    Also i will playing a few old games - Another round of Mass Effect for me and a little bit of World in Conflict.

    Moving interstate on monday so I'm not gonna get much of a chance to play anything. But if I do get any time I'll probably just play some Plants Vs. Zombies. That game is so addictive.

    I'll be dong the usual, sleeping in with a diet of Falcon-enabled TF2 and L4D. Other then that, I might take another shot at SPORE with BetterSpore installed. Then I'll play MadWorld, sweet, sweet MadWorld.

    I'd say equal parts Trackmania United Forever, Darwinia and, to keep it fresh, some good old fashioned vanilla Quake 3.

    I'm trying to get back into Fallout 3, after it's release it faded away after 5hrs in favour of less cerebral games (ie: the scale of the environment and depth was quite overwhelming and the pace was putting me to sleep). the latest DLC has sparked my interest, I really do want to enjoy the game.. I love the setting, the 1950's kitch, all of the marketing material.. the game itself just isn't exciting me. I've picked up the walkthrough guide and want to give it the time everyone says it deserves - although it does become a struggle when I have such a small amount of time to play games and 40mins of online nazi zombie annihilation can give me that gaming hit, instead of 4 hours in a desolate wasteland.

    Yes, I too noticed that the difficulty in Fallout 3 was a bit... er... non-existent the second time through, David.

    I also had a hard time reconciling the fact that the setting/story implied incredible scarcity and hardship with the reality that, if you know where to look, there is an overabundance of all sorts of stuff just lying around in the so called "wasteland"! I had hoped increasing the difficulty would reduce the amount of bullets, food and bottlecaps in the world, but it just seems to turn everything into more of a damage sponge than before.

    I had such high hopes for FO3 after Oblivion. Oh well, there's always mods I guess...

      @Ben Abraham

      There is indeed an awful lot of useful stuff just lying around. It was almost funny to discover 3 Stealth Boys sitting in their display cabinets at the Museum of Technology. No one though these might be useful in the 100 years it took until I came along to steal them?

      At least playing on Very Hard forces you to use all this stuff instead of just hoarding it to sell. A mod that revamps the game's resource economy - so that, for example, it's a genuine relief to salvage some brahmin meat - would be quite interesting.

    I'm just playing with Everybody's Golf: World Tour on PS3. There seems to be heaps of online updates, and it's taking a while. It's really fun and addictive though!


    Stupid Heatran, whats so good about stark mountain anyways?

    Escape From Butchet Bay. Only played about 20 mintutes of it the first time it came around, now It's sucked me in I gotta finish it before Dark Athena.

    I am going to visit some classics. especially as i have just bought a few this week, including "Mass Effect" thanks to Kotaku and David Wildgoose find it cheap for me.

    The others I have ready to roll are...
    The Club
    and Star Wars Episode 1 Racer.

    I'm playing Plants Vs Zombies, even though I've finished the campaign I need to keep playing. Stupid zombies, giving me RSI...

    I promised myself I'd get to HL2: Episode 1, but I'm a liar. GTA: Chinatown Wars, all the way. It's a time sink, this game.

      @ paulus

      Yeah, finished the story last night, looking for the Golden Lions now. Timesink is right.

    Strangly enough Im playing a little Diablo 2 this weekend and maybe some more Battlefield Heroes. Still have to knock over the last few levels in Dead Space as well......

    btw, Anyone played Velvet Assasin yet? Offer some opinions if you could please. ty

    Well, I've just finished HAWX, was extremely disappointed that so many planes/weapons are still locked and I'd need to play online and join in on the XP exploiting to unlock them (including one of the preorder bonus planes, wtf!). Very annoying.

    I'm downloading the Fallout 3 DLC now, but I'm having trouble deciding if I want to continue with my "good guy" character (who I like as a character, but don't like the stats/perks I picked) or start a new evil character (who will be harder for me to like and roleplay as)...

    In the meantime I'll play some L4D, which I got on sale from Steam last week.

      I decided to continue on with my old character. Fortunately I haven't fully explored the wastelands, so I have plenty more to do than just the DLC.

      I see they haven't actually fixed the game though... it still freezes when I try and quit, sounds get 'stuck on' until the game loads a new level, spawning happens in odd places (after the 'end' of the main game, Fawkes spawned on top of the Jefferson Memorial- I had to noclip to get to him and bring him back down to earth!!!)...

    You know what's too easy? YOU ARE.

    I'm playing Pokemon Platinum this weekend.

    The Witcher!

    one of the greatest games I've played. It really adds a new dimension to 'Good', 'Bad' decision making in a game.

      Greatest games ever played? Really? Did we get different games or something? I gave up out of boredom while walking around the first forest area. The terribly clumsy interface and boring combat put me off completely... it felt like the worst-made game I've ever played.

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