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It's difficult to take Dante's Inferno seriously. Whether it's the faked religious protests at E3 or appearances in Playboy, a series of lame marketing missteps have ensured the actual game will be viewed through a lens of cynicism.

Of course, that cynicism is derived from more than just faintly ludicrous book tie-ins, delivering a box full of cheeseburgers to my office and backfiring promotional stunts which deliver hilarious results.

It's also a lot to do with just how flagrant Dante's Inferno is in both its wholesale cribbing from God Of War and its distortion of its literary inspiration, The Divine Comedy. The Hell described in Alighieri's tale is ripe for videogaming adaptation, but Dante himself was no action hero. But in a crass admission that videogames can only do action heroes, here we find Dante transformed into Kratos.

Also, purple peaks.

How's your cynicism level when it comes to Dante's Inferno?

New releases for the w/c February 1:

Dante's Inferno (360, PS3) What Is It? Blatant God Of War clone from the team behind Dead Space and the marketing department responsible the abovementioned disasters. Should You Care? It'll give you a quick GOW fix before the real thing hits next month.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers (Wii) What Is It? Single-player action adventure that hurls platforming, mini-games and lots of combat on top of a typical Square story. Should You Care? Don't go in expecting an RPG and you'll be OK.

The Sims 3: Create A Sim (PC) What Is It? Expansion pack that lets you customise Sims in painstaking detail and upload to share with the community. Should You Care? For the givers amongst us, not the takers.

The Sims 3: High-End Loft Stuff (PC) What Is It? Expansion pack for the gadget-loving hipster Sim. Should You Care? Does your Sim need another flat-panel TV?


    Well if it wasn’t for the stupid fake protests I would have never heard of the game, but its also these marketing ploys that make me not want to play it. Why the hell do the idiots marketing this game think it’s so offensive?, from what I‘ve seen its actually rather tame compared to the usual riffraff of GOW clones. Why not spend all that fake actor money on making a good game, or at the very least hire a new PR guy.

    Thanks for the summary of the Dante's Inferno stuff. That whole situation is like a 3-ring circus. VERY amusing... and sad. Way to ruin seriously classic literature amirite?

    I am thinking this game is to GOW as Darksiders is to Zelda.

    I thoroughly emjoyed Darksiders knowing full well that alot of it was taken from Zelda (items, weapons, etc).

    Will pick this up, and will most probably enjoy it thoroughly

      I pretty much have the same view as your Garrick.

      I also tried out the Dante's Inferno Demo from the PSN. I had a lot of fun playing through it.

      If it ain't broke don't fix it as they say. Looking forward to the release.

        +1 on the thought process... had seen a few things about it, but ultimately I downloaded the demo... from there, I grinned at the some of the shameless ripoffs from God Of War, but it didn't phase me at all....

        The game is solid and the fighting mechanics work. Alot of games based on the written word in it's true form may not work as well, so a few liberties are generally made (although, have heard they butcher it!). They are having abit of fun with the premise and 'their' version of the story.

        I say, you either jump on board and enjoy the ride... or just wait 5 days and get BioShock next week! ;)

    the animated 'epic' of dante's inferno sucked too.

    Judging from the press/gamers, I'm a bit disappointed that Dante's Inferno is the product of Dead Space devs. I mean, I loved Dead Space, yes it didn't innovate anything but it did what it did well (the sound design is to die for, pun intended).

    With DI, it is not innovative but still not better (from the looks of it) than its counter part (GOW) from which it found its gameplay or whatever. I'm probably being overly critical of a game I've never played but when money and time is an issue I can only play so much.

    How many button-mashers can one person enjoy, is there room for Dante's Inferno between Bayonetta and GOW3?

    David, have you played the review code of Dante's Inferno as yet?

    The review post over on the US site mentioned it may even be a contender for GOTY?!?!

      I was surprised to see Brian mention that in his hands-on impressions - not the review, that's still to come. Brian also awarded Uncharted 2 his game of last year, so we clearly have quite different tastes!

        I personally loved Uncharted 2 as was in my Top 5 games of last year. I was surprised he said it also, considering I'd played the demo and walked away feeling that it was nothing more than a re-skinned God of War.

        Its not that I didn't enjoy it, I just felt that God of War III will surpass it in every way. The GoW III demo from E3 last year looks better than Dante's Inferno and its made from a build that is over a year old!

        I can't wait to see the new trailer revealed in the coming week.

    I couldn't take the DI demo seriously. I mean, I've played games that borrow from GoW (eg Conan), but... the blatant photocopying of gameplay, graphics, all of it was just too much. I won't support such lazy design.

    @Mr Waffle - I dont think the design is lazy, i have watched the developer diary videos and the environments look amazing and unique (albeit insanely f'ed up and off the wall). Although i do understand your point on the "photocopying" i just choose to treat it as a homage, rather than a ripoff :)

    DI seems like a blatant GOW clone, which pretty much desecrates a literary classic and tries way too hard to be offensive... all of which I find offensive....

    7 thumbs down.

    Who cares if it kinda rips off another game.

    Hasn't anyone noticed that GOW is for PS only.

    I'm personally really looking forward to this game!
    Saying it's a rip off is like saying COD4 is a rip off of Wolfenstein 3D, because technically it is ^^.

    who really cares aslong as it's a fun game ^^

    Interesting how critical we are for games that are based on the same formula as other games. How do we feel about films or novels that do the same? MOST films/novels the in the mainstream are completely derivative, at least in terms of structure. (and often in terms of content as well)

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